What to Select? Tear offs vs. Roof Layers


There are many people who contemplate about a new roof and think about installing a second layer of shingles. They do not want to replace the entire existing roof with any new material. The reason behind their preference is the low cost, cleanliness and easy installation of shingles. However, it is not always the smart decision as at some point if you have treated the roof with wrong approach then it will not work longer. Installing the second layer of the roof is not a good option at point where the roof needs more attention. You must understand the difference of two kinds of roofs for fully understanding the phenomenon.

Tear Off:

In the tear off process, the workers remove the old shingles from the roof and then inspect the roofing deck which is the wooden base found above the rafters. They do so for repairing or sealing the damaged area. They finally cover the roof with a brand new underlayment and good quality shingles.

Second Layer of Roof:

The process is different from the tear off process as the workers here place the new shingles on existing shingles. However, they do so by meeting ensuring that there are no conditions such as the previous damage to the underneath surface and there is no violation of the building codes.

Matter of Selection:

You have to understand that the structure of every house seems same, but it is different. Determining the condition of the roof is necessary for choosing the particular option especially at times when you want to cover the roof using additional or second layer of roof. It is true that the second layer puts more stress on the roof and if the roof is old, it puts more burdens over it. Now it is important to see that in what times, the second layer of the roof is a good option for you.

Best Condition for Installing Second Roof:

If you see that the existing roof on your house is not in a good condition then it is better to install a new roof. The non-supportive structure of the roof that cannot handle more weight also indicates a matter of concern and a new roof can be beneficial. If the shingles on your roof are curled then more problems arise so avoid using a second roof. If there are already two existing layers of the roof then it is better to no to choose second layer. However, a person also invites new problems when he takes the decision of installing new layer of roof. Let’s have a look on the problems that can occur.

Problems Regarding Second Layer of Roof:

The system of second roof does not permit the installation of additional barriers used for water leak. The roof also creates issues as the value of property decreases so if you are looking for selling your house, new roofing not a good idea. You will also have to spend more money in future because tearing out the many layers of roof in your house will be a daunting task for you. There will be more heat in your house because the layer will cause stress and burden to the shingles of your roof. There will be less space for ventilation causing more heat to gather up in your house. It is a good for houses in cold climates but people living in warm climate will face problems. You can further talk with a professional roofing contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan (734-548-9915) (2723 S State St #150, Ann Arbor, MI 48104) to know about the condition of your roof and the need of replacement or tear off.

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