Window Frame Material - Aluminum, Wood, Fiberglass And Vinyl

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Are you are thinking of window replacement? Then there are numerous window frame materials to look over like, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum. Before you choose the appropriate material for window frames, here are a few facts, you ought to know.

Vinyl Window Frames

1. Vinyl windows are generally a less expensive alternative.
2. It can be molded and colored to any style for a customized look.
3. Energy efficient and help retain heat inside during winter, and seal heat outside during the summer.
4. Weather conditions – such as high temperature, freezing or moisture, generally don’t effect Vinyl frames.
5. Vinyl frames are an excellent insulator, and they also help reduce noise.
6. Little to no maintenance after installed. Will not fade in the sun. Great resistant to dirt, stains, mold, scratches and gouges.

Wooden Window Frames:

1. Wood is a natural insulator providing excellent energy efficiency.
2. Wood frames act as a sound barrier.
3. From an aesthetic point, wooden frames give a beautiful, natural look to any room.
4. Wood can be repainted.
5. Wood frames expand and contract in response to weather conditions, they are likewise susceptible to warping and buckling.
6. Depending on the climate you live in, wood is susceptible to rot and collapse.
7. Wooden Frames require regular maintenance. But provided regular care, wood frames will hold out for a long time.
8. Environmentally friendly choice, since wood is a renewable resource.

Aluminum Window Frames

1. Easy maintenance and reliable operation.
2. Available in anodized finish, in a range of powder coated colors, or in wood-look coatings.
3. Can be fitted with a wide range of glass options – with different characteristics, thicknesses and colors.
4. Available in custom sizes, up to extremely large sizes.
5. Various innovative styles, and different ways of opening.
6. High performance, long service lifespan.
7. Resistant against corrosion, distortion and other harmful effects of the surroundings.
8. Well insulated against sound and increment weather.
9. Aluminum windows can be manufactured with various security features: burglar resistant, fire resistant and bullet resistant.

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Fiberglass Window Frames:

1. Susceptible to temperature changes, means it won’t blow up or contract like wooden frames.
2. Will not leak or warp over time.
3. Easy to install.
4. Fiberglass window frames are good thermal insulators, thus, are energy efficient.
5. Resistant to water, even salt water – It will not rot or rust over time
6. Does not require painting. Slightly expensive, though with low to no maintenance and longer product life, it's worth investing in.
Select any of these and take your first step to change your interior!

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