Pros and Cons of Wood siding


Siding is an important part of the house. While renovating or even building the house for the first time it is important that you choose the right kind of material. The type of materials that occur now are many and to determine as to which will be the best for your home is purely your call. With every pro there is a con but the decision goes in favor of the ones with the heavier scales. Here you will be provided with pros and cons of wood siding so you can figure out whether the pros are more significant than the cons.


  • 1. Wood siding is beneficial since it allows us to stain or repaint it that is we can change the look of our house whenever we want which is an important thing and the infinite colors allows more variation.
  • 2. Wood siding is considered a high quality and holds a high class in siding business thus when you sell your house the wood siding will give an extra edge to the house.
  • 3. For green people this is the most suitable choice since wood is a renewable resource which causes no emissions of pollutants and can easily be biodegradable. This means the resource for wood is easily found in environment and in large amount. During the production it doesn’t emit pollutants and even while decomposition wood is biodegradable with no pollutant emission.
  • 4. Wood is a very durable material. It is known to last as long as the house lasts but to get that optimum performance it is to get regular maintenance checks and fixing everything as soon as any sign of damage appears.
  • 5. With wood many species of the same material is offered and you can choose from these to suit your needs.


  • 1. Though the wood siding is known to last a long time but it requires a lot of maintenance which is both tiring and costly. For every wood material re-painting is needed to be done every 4-5 years and in special cases the re-staining is done every 2-3 years making the overall price high.
  • 2. Wood is the favorite for termites. Wherever there is wood termites are sure to follow. And the damage done by these requires a lot of cash to repair. In order to avoid this expenditure go for pest-control inspection annually to make sure you prevent the problem since the repairing is really expensive.
  • 3. Wood is one of the most expensive material. But it greatly depends on the type of wood you have chosen which affects your billing amount.
  • 4. If the wood becomes cracked or damaged slightly due to whichever reason replacement needs to be done immediately since if that doesn’t happen water seeps into the house and mold growth becomes inevitable.
  • 5. Wood cleaning is important once every year since the accumulation of dirt and mildew makes it dirty. The cleaning should be done by soft brushes rather than going for power washer since the high water pressure can be a cause of damage.
  Now that you are aware of the pros and cons wood siding can offer you can make a decision for yourself whether to use it for siding or not. For further information you can contact siding contractors in downriver MI.



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