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If your idea of a bathroom design is more on the luxurious side, there are ways that you can design your bathroom to work for you. A modern bathroom design should meet all your needs, and If you are among one of those people, who want to make a statement there are many things that you can change. The bathroom can be updated with new fixtures, basin, tub, tiles, lighting, flooring, and other things that stand out. Here are a few fixtures and accessories, that will make your bathroom more noticeable.

Bathroom Faucets

Just by upgrading of bathroom fixtures, you can give a makeover and new energy to the bathroom. Modern bathroom faucets come in a variety of styles, sizes and finishes. Your perfect bathroom faucet can be single-handle or two-handle faucet design, unique or traditional, in nickel or bronze finish, large or small, contemporary or retro-modern, but suitable for your bathroom design and style. Select bathroom faucets that complement your existing bathroom design and accessories.

The Bathroom Sink

Gone are the days when you could only buy sinks in a limited number of colors or shades. Nowadays, nobody has to buy a plain white or beige sink anymore, unless of course they really want to! There's a great deal of colors and shades to pick from, so people can have a plain sink, or indeed a really bright one, depending on their budget. The bathroom sink could be as simple, or as grand as you like. As a sink is a very important fixture of your bathroom, therefore, try to add something that’s chic and stylish.

The wash basin with storage space is what everyone prefers for, if space is not an issue. Here the rectangular shaped basin with simple tap design and storage on both sides resembling the shape of the sink, creates a contemporary look.
High-end Bathroom Sink Designs

Towel Hangers

When it comes to bathroom designs, you need to find the right accessories which will be at the same time modern and functional. You can mix styles, or you can put the accent on one unique piece of furniture to make a right balance in your decorating plan.

These hangers are one of the most important bathroom accessory, as you need to have your towels in reach all the time. And these towel hangers and holders are helping you to hang your damp towels easily. There is a big choise of a towel storage. You can find them wall-mounted, free standing, or connected with another storage piece. There are also a modern and elegant hangers completed with storage to give you more space to hold extra towels and bring amazing look and irresistible feeling in your bathroom.

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