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While designing space for senior citizen safety feature must be the top most priority, but that doesn't mean one has to compromise with the aesthetic values. Design the space in such a way that is functional and makes them feel special, happy and secure at the same time.

Color Matters

Lets start with the use of colors. As designing of space for elders is being discussed here opt for neutral cozy colors that make them feel homey. Paint the walls with colors like warm beige,creamy caramel to generate a soothing ambience.

Soft Flooring

Opt for wall to wall fixing carpet to provide a soft walking surface. Avoid area rugs from floor as these rugs can cause a sudden fall when an elderly person's feet trip up on them.


A proper room layout and furniture arrangement should be maintained. Keep walkways wide and clear. And always opt for furniture with soft rounded edges and consider chairs that have arm rests and maintain standard height instead of low height ones.
Try to place the furniture near windows with beautiful views.

Happy Moment Store

Hang memories on the walls for them to enjoy! Place it in bedroom wall, where they can sit in their favorite spot and get the precious view.
Make a collage of family vacations, grandchildren, they would just love it.

Wet Zone

Always choose anti skid tiles for bathrooms. Instead of towel bars install grab bars in wet areas as towel bars can be dangerous if someone use it to grab on to prevent a fall.

Own Corner

Add book shelves with their favorite books.
Place memory boards with attractive fabric covered bulletin in the kitchen and bedroom to make sure important dates are not forgotten.
Provide task light on the table.
Don't forget to add the emergency alert system for added peace of mind.

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