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Time and time again I hear people say: "I've tried moving the furniture in every possible way I could think of, to give a better look and comfort but it just never looks any better! Most probably the chances are, you might have said all these things to yourself! Home staging for sale of property or for a new look starts with few correct furniture placement ideas. Let's learn how to create a brand fresh look, and bring in harmony and balance by these simple and easy to apply interior staging tips.

It may seem to be a complicated task, but all it really takes is common sense and learning to look at spaces in a new way. Hence, start up with a few perfect furniture placement secrets. And when it comes to small homes, the placement is more tricky. Check out the furniture for small spaces, to make the process an easy one.

The Doorways

If there are two doors, consider having the traffic pattern to move behind the seating, not through it. Place the furniture away from the door access. (Keep the clearance between furniture and doors properly, to avoid the cluttered look).

Consider Your Seating Arrangement

If you have a long wall, establish your seating arrangement there with the sofa against the wall as the anchor. At times low height seating or the Japanese /Asian style low cushion seating system works as a great combination with a sofa in family rooms or living room. A perfect blend of formal and informal styles.

The Balance Of A Room

The balance is affected by both the placement of furniture and the size of each piece.
If all of the big pieces are grouped on one side of the room, it will reflect an off balance horizontal look. Whereas, if much of the furniture is either too bottom-heavy or too top-heavy, a room will be off-balance vertically. Therefore, it's vital to choose the right scale.

The Placement Of Your Major Piece Of Furniture Is Important

Big furniture's occupies a large amount of space, hence, needs a perfect placement so that it doesn’t come between the walk ways or occupy unwanted open spaces.
Also, do not attach any furniture to the wall, leave at least 6” of space between the wall and the furniture.

Color Palette

After addressing the furniture placement in the spaces, we need to address the color theme/ combination of the rooms. It can definitely impact the visuals of any room plus brings the feeling of the newly created space.

Lighter shades on the walls brings a perfect balance and harmony. And if you add darker wooden furniture, it will pop-out and display your taste. Whereas, neutral tone colors look great and eye pleasing at first impression, thus easy to sell.

Try to implement these simple home staging ideas and tips, I am sure you will definitely bring the new look to your home and feel great with rearranged furniture. These tips on well managed, and stylish furniture can position your home and office on top of buyers list.

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