Few Renovation Mistakes To Avoid


If you think starting a home renovation project is as simple as calling a good contractor and waiting for the finished product to appear magically, well then think again. There are plenty of potential mistakes that you can make and many of them happens right in the beginning!

Check out these few mistakes listed below, which you can easily avoid:

Plan It Right

Planning here doesn't mean the discussion with contractor. Once you have decide to get your space remodeled, make two separate list of things number one, the list of those things which you surely don't want to see and want to get rid of them and the second list is of those things which you would love to hold on. Preparing a list will give you a clear idea and help you to stick with the decision of buying new stuff. How To Hire The "RIGHT" Interior Designer

Budget Matters

In order to avoid all that stress, plan for renovation by keeping your budget in mind. If your budget is limited avoid taking decision in the last moment. For example - A simple painting work can end up into knocking down a wall! And you have to figure out how to pay for all this newly acquired cost, which was not part of your original plan. Hence it is a good idea to stick to your budget, all the time during remodeling project.

Don't Mimic Trend

If you are obsessed with taking on renovations that showcases the latest trends, just remember that all of your money and hard work would be completely out of style by next year! So apply the "basic concept" for the flooring and painting of main areas and exteriors and opt for few trendy accents like lamps and accent paint colors. In this way you don't have to take on home improvement work every year!

Say No To Cheap Materials

When you check out stores or search online for selecting building supplies and fittings for your home never buy things just because they are cheap. The life span of your project depends upon the quality of the product being used during remodeling. As a known fact, you are going to get what you pay for. So if you can't afford it right now, better wait to remodel that portion for the next time.

Pack Up

Once the initial stage of planning, deciding and hiring of the contractor is done get the packing boxes and start packing. Instead of dumping everything in the store, do it in a systematic way, label the the boxes with the their belongings and the location of the content in the boxes.

By following these simple tips, you don't have to hunt around to find your things once the renovation work is over.

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