Common Kitchen Design Problems & Solutions

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Kitchen is the busiest place of any residence with multiple tasks to be handled while maintaining the right placement of things, cleanliness, temperature and most significantly the wise use of the given space. Since, a well planned"> color = "A00000">kitchen design ideas can forestall hazards, that may cause accidents or can create uncomfortable circumstances to work around, one should attempt to eliminate foremost common kitchen design issues, that exists in a kitchen.

Most common kitchen design problems

1. Inadequate base cabinets & wall cabinets storage.
2. No counter beside refrigerator.
3. Inadequate window space.
4. Poorly placed doors.
5. Traffic through work triangle of the kitchen.
6. No counter beside cooking range.
7. Insufficient clearance between opposing surfaces.
8. Either the work triangle is too small or too long.
9. Tall appliances block normal progression of tasks.
10. Drawers and doors interfere with one another
11. Storage of kitchen gadgets, utensils and food is improper.
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Simple Solutions For These Problems

1. Use small appliances and necessary appliances.
2. Use specialized storage, such as modular storage cabinets for corner cabinets, base cabinets etc.
3. Use a fold down table or pullouts from the base cabinet for dining or extra counter space.
4. Relocate or eliminate doors and windows.
5. Consider removing a dividing wall to create a large open kitchen.
6. Use light colors, no patterns or small patterns, minimize rough texture and contrast.
7. Use of proper light to eliminate darkness, such as under the cabinet spot lights, and multiple ceiling lights.
8. Try to accommodate small countertops beside the fridge (2’0”X2’0”).

Always try to use kitchen space properly and wisely. These tips from our kitchen designers will certainly help you in enhancing your kitchen, after all it’s the heart of any home. Resolve your present kitchen design problems or your new kitchen by incorporating above mentioned kitchen planning tips. Great kitchen means, happy cooking and happy cooking lead to a healthy family!

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