How To Make Small Space Look Larger - Tips From Interior Designer

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Living in a studio apartment or a small home? Don't know how to create an illusion of more space?Well your search ends right here! Check out the tricks here, to maximize a space.

Color speaks

Here a living cum dining space has been designed. Light shades are used for the walls and floor, which creates an illusion of making a small room look larger. This same trick can be implemented in the case of furniture's as well, as light tone furniture gives an uncluttered look.

The space for dining has been provided with a large mirror. Using of mirror basically enlarges the space visually and bounces the light around. Therefore, bigger the mirror, the better!

And the most important thing to be kept in mind is never use solid block partitions in such spaces to separate the living and dining. It makes the room look tight packed. Instead, opt for placing a focal point between the two spaces. For instance, here a small desk with indoor plant and wall art is placed.

Substitute Heavy Curtains

Love heavy embroidered curtains? Well, that's something you must avoid, as It gives a cramped feel to the space. Therefore, replace heavy curtains and opt for light colored fabrics.
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Initiate Glass In The Interiors Wherever You Can!

Here glass is used in the bathroom to divide the wet and the dry zone. Using clear glass instead of shower curtains or frosted glass will make the space look lighter. Additionally, adding the right amount of light in small spaces also helps.

Opt For Sliding Doors

There is no need to surrender the floor space just for the swinging door! Add sliding door wardrobes to your space to attain style with keeping practicality in mind.

Hang the furniture

Instead of placing huge floor display units and book shelves opt for light wall units. Keep the floor space clear. The clearer the floor is, the bigger the room will feel.

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