Eight Things You Should Know before Painting Baby's Room


Babies are very delicate and thus require special care. Same goes for the things related to them. You can eat whatever you wish and it won’t affect you as badly as it could affect the baby. When you are painting your house more attention is to be paid as to how the baby’s room should be painted. You can’t and mustn’t use the same product for the baby’s room too. Here are the eight do’s of what to do for painting a baby’s room.

The composition:

The composition of the paint is an important knowledge. The paint must not be made of any volatile organic compound since it is known to cause headaches and dizziness. Now these might be acute for adults but for babies it can be very severe. Rather than the paints that contain volatile organic compounds one can use latex-free ones since they are made especially for people with breathing issues and contain less chemicals.


The choice of color is really important. Though it is a normal rule that lighter colors make the room look bigger while the darker ones make it look smaller the color of the baby’s room need more variables. The color of the room can help shape the baby’s mind. Calm colors will make him calmer while colors like red can make him more aggressive.


The required quantity is taken out on the basis of the square footage of the room, the quality of the paint used, number of coats you want and whether you have used a primer or not. The more the square footage, the more paint you will need. For more than one coats more paint is needed and primer actually saves a lot of paint.


It depends on your usage which type of finish you need. You can use the eggshell finish if you need a washable wall which is kind of must when it comes to a baby’s room. The paint is moisture resistant and can be washed incase the wall gets dirty since that is supposed to happen with little kids around.


Timing is everything. You should start painting for a newborn’s room when he isn’t even born since the fumes take a long time to be diffused out of the room. Install a fan first in the room since you cannot let the paint dry through the winds from the window.


The preparation is a bigger part. If you are making a new room into the baby’s room there might not be much furniture to cover. In this case cover only the ground and the power outlets and knobs to avoid damage form spill.

Color scheme:

You should think of a color scheme before so that the room has matching furniture and things don’t look haphazard. Choose a light color so that it gives a positive effect on baby’s mind.


You must know how old your home is so that you can avoid lead while sanding or priming the room. In case your home is older than 1980 you must get a certified professional to do the work to avoid issues caused by lead. When you have considered these things it’s time to contact Ecopainting Inc - Commercial Painting Services to turn your imagination into reality.

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