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Festive season is knocking at your doorstep, vacations alarming your senses. Be prepared to welcome the festive feet of happiness, & smiles! Apart from the festive mood at times don’t you feel like to sit back and relax to watch your favorite movie with your family or friends that too at home? If yes, then It's time to install a “Home Theater”. Experience the fun and atmosphere of the cinema theater at home by installing the big screen and great sound system.

Types Of Home Theater Systems

Before installing the home theater its better to browse through the type of home theater systems available in the stores. Different home theaters have different kind of sound and picture quality, which delivers the best of movie or game experiences. You may choose from four basic types of home theater audio systems
1. Home-theater-in-a-box (HTIB) systems
2. Sound bars
3. Component systems
4. Separates
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Home-Theater-In-A-Box (HTIB):

Usually five surround sound speakers, a sub-woofer, and a disc player/amplifier. Sold as a unit, in one box (hence the name). Includes all wiring.

Component Systems:

Your choice of an audio/video (A/V) receiver, speakers, and any source components (such as disc player)


Component systems with a separate preamplifier / processor and power amplifiers that replace the receiver.So, after browsing the variety of systems it would be easier to make a decision of buying the right system to create your own home theater.

Sound Bars:

A long, thin bar containing several loudspeaker units. Offers virtual surround sound. Usually designed for mounting on a wall below a flat-panel TV.
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Acoustic Of Home Theater Room

Apart from systems and their technical aspects few things about the setup of the theater room needs to be considered.

1. Your budget, and requirement for the home theater. Whether you would like to use it to watch movies, or play games.
2. The next step is to know where will you install your home theater. The size of the room matters the most. For a small room we need to plan for smaller furniture and setting.
3. Illumination and lights in the room to create the atmosphere of a theater. Light dimmers work best in this situation.
4. There should not be any window or gap to let the natural light enter your home theater room. Dress the windows with dark color drapery or blinds, to get feel of the cinema hall.
5. Last but not the least, do not forget to install comfortable sittings. Home theater chairs and sofas will add that relaxed environment.

By taking care of these factors to create your own home theater, you will rock with visual and audio effects of home theater.

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