Restaurant Design: The Ultimate Glam Guide


You might think that the only important thing in a restaurant is the food and drinks that you serve. However, taste is just one of the senses that play a role towards achieving a successful and complete dining experience. Your look is just as important, so make sure to give your customers a glamorous and luxurious interior to satisfy their hungry eyes.
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Start with the color

Since colors have such a strong influence on people’s emotions and mood, opting for the right shades might be the most important task in creating a well-thought-out restaurant. Make sure your colors match your menu for the best culinary experience. For instance, if you serve a lot of exotic and spicy food, you might opt for a bold and bright color scheme. A more contemporary restaurant that offers fine dining might benefit from dramatic black, white and gray that scream sophistication, luxury and glamour.

Provide appropriate lighting

Lighting is a very important part of designing any space because it dictates the mood. First, think about the atmosphere you want in your restaurant—is it sexy, casual, glamorous?—and provide lighting that matches your style. If your restaurant works all day, then you need a bright interior, but if you’re only open for afternoon drinks and dinner, you might want to opt for a more moody vibe. Also, make sure to invest in some accent lighting that will highlight all the best features of your space.

Acoustics is also important

There’s nothing glamorous about loud traffic, construction and chatting pedestrians distracting you from your tasty meal. But, by picking out just the right materials, textures and shapes, you can cancel the noise and provide a peaceful and intimate environment for your customers. Draperies, carpets and acoustic panels can all ban the unwanted sounds and even boost your style.
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Look up

A well-designed ceiling can add a lot of style and glamour to the space and bring all decor elements together into one coherent whole. Ceilings can also be used to define different areas in an open space (think different levels and architectural features). A good ceiling design can also dictate the atmosphere. The sense of airy-ness can be achieved with higher and brighter ceilings, while intimacy comes from the lower and darker ones.

Protect your outdoor area

No matter how beautiful your outdoor dining area and tables are, if your guests need to sit under the scorching summer sun, no one is going to care about your decoration. If you have a roof over your deck, that’s great, but if you don’t, you have to invest in umbrellas or shade sails. However, probably the best option for restaurants is installing a retractable roof pergola. It provides ample shade in the summer and protection from sudden downpours and it can be removed when the sun is pleasant. Aside from its functionality, it gives every space a stylish and contemporary vibe.

Add personality

Art is always a great way to add some interest and character to the space. So, if you have the budget, make sure to invest in a few valuable originals, whether those are paintings, photographs, sculptures or various other art pieces that will boost glamour. However, if you don’t have a huge budget to work with, you can visit your local antique shop or flea market and find chic decorative pieces that will certainly add character to your restaurant.
If you design your restaurant with all of these design elements in mind, you’ll provide your customers with a unique dining experience that will satisfy all their senses. They will certainly want to come back and relive the tastes, sights, smells and sounds of your restaurant. That’s what glamour is all about.

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