Why you should consider Green Roof?


A green roof, as the name readily suggests, is a green roof. It is not green in color due to the color of the materials. Instead, it is green due to the presence of plants on it. Green roofs are slowly becoming a trend as people are becoming more aware of the environmental problems. There are many reasons to get a green roof with the most apparent one being the aesthetics. A green roof can instantly brighten up your house which makes it a much better choice against the dull and boring, brown roofs. Along with changing the look of the roof, a green roof also has other major advantages that makes it a popular choice among the new home owners.

It Saves Cost:

A green roof saves cost of heating and cooling. The greenery provides a layer on the top of the roof that does not let the excess Sun come in. Since less heat is coming in, less energy is needed to counteract it. This is also particularly helpful in reducing your carbon footprint. When you need to use less electrical appliances for heating or cooling, your carbon dioxide emissions are also significantly lower. Roofing contractors in Trenton Michigan often suggest green roofs to people who want to go for sustainable roofing.   1. During the summers, the green roof prevents heat from coming in. It provides and insulation through which the heat cannot pass. Thus, less cooling agents are needed in the house. 2. During the winter, green roof lets less heat go out of the house. Since it is an insulating layer, it keeps the heat trapped inside so you need lesser heating agents during the winter.   3. In this way, green roofs lower your heating and electricity bills in both seasons, saving cost, energy and reducing your carbon emissions.

It Can Serve as a Habitat:

A green roof can serve as a habitat for those species that find survival hard in other habitats. These include some birds that cannot make their nests in other places due to danger from the preys. Also, some insects and small animals find refuge in green roofs and they can live their without the fear of prey. So, by installing a green roof, you are also serving the ecosystem in a way.  

It Prevents Damage to Underlying roofing:

A green roofing protects the underlying roofing. The roofing material under the greenery can be anything from asphalt to metal or wood. Due to constant exposure to wind, sun light and water from rain, these material tend to get damaged and so you need to repair them. A green roof forms a layer over this material making the roof last for longer. This saves your cost for getting renovations done or the cost that you would otherwise have to pay for getting the roofing don again or replacing any material. Thus, it is a great choice to install green roofing for your house if saving the environment and having an aesthetically pleasing home are on your list.

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