5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Worktop for Your Kitchen


The kitchen worktop is among the first things that will get some upgrades when it comes to renovating the kitchen. The worktops will get scratches, chipped, and stains over time and will have a boring and somewhat unsightly look. If you are sure about the upgrade plans for your kitchen to give it that modern-day concept, then you need to evaluate and re-evaluate your plans. What you eventually decide to do is not something you take lightly; it could be what adds the overall value of your home or be a waste of time and money in something that will only have a short-term effect. Below are tips on the planning and installation processes of fitting a new worktop in your kitchen.  
  1. Shop Around:

It is wise to shop around and compare products and prices to that find the perfect fit for your kitchen. While at it, you also need to look for an affordable professional who will do the installation for you. Why do the hard work and yet risk getting things wrong when you can hire trained experts to fit the worktops for you? Therefore, compare the products and their prices and inquire their installation costs. Do not be afraid to ask for a discount.  
  1. Know More about the Materials:

While there are several options of what you can use for your kitchen worktop, knowing the pros and cons of each are essential so that you pick what works best for your kitchen. Marble, Granite, Engineered Quartz, Concrete, Soapstone, and Wood are just some of the top choices in the market according to Arlington Worksurfaces. Each offers unique qualities, and thus you need to compare their heat resistance, sturdiness, stain resistance, and texture. You need something highly durable, functional, and has aesthetic brilliance.
  1. Get the Dimensions Correctly:

Ensure you get the exact dimensions of the space before you place an order for the worktop. Getting the measurements short by even a few centimeters complicates things; instead, exceed the measurements than be under. Making guess also is an unwise thing. If you do not know how to go about it, then find someone who knows how to take the measurements so that you avoid costly mistakes.  
  1. Retain an Overhand of 2.5mm Overhang:

As you cut the worktop based on the dimensions you have, ensure that you give an allowance of around 2.5mm along the edges. You need the extra millimeters to avoid going short after you have laid the material on the surface ready for installation. You need to plane the worktop down, and they ensure its smoothed off with no spaces left at the edges.  
  1. Fill in Wall Gaps before You Begin:

If you are not working on a kitchen island or a center worktop, then the location of the space will be along the wall. Therefore, you should inspect the wall for any holes and gaps which you need to fill before installing the new worktop. The top should fit snuggly against the wall and have the right flat gradient along the work surface. You should not have any bumps or gaps in the final presentation. Finding the perfect worktop that fits your kitchen space is not that hard; however, it does require some adequately knowledgeable planning. Having the job done by inexperienced individuals or relying entirely on your mediocre DIY skills will only see you spend hundreds of dollars on something that looks shabby and will not last long.

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