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Clicking out pictures, buying new paintings, getting few arts work, and then simply arranging them on the walls, is not the actual way to get those empty walls some attention! It’s so easy to think, but actually it's not that easy. As arranging the pictures on the walls is an art.
Most people hang artwork, pictures, or artifacts too high or too far apart, and as a result it looks lonely on the walls. This is a common dilemma for homeowners, so we've put together a few guidelines for hanging art or pictures in your home and offices.

Placement Of Pictures And Frames

1. Above the sofa - Hang 6 to 9 inches above the top of the sofa. The grouping or size of the artwork/picture should be about two-thirds the overall width of the sofa.

2. Above a mantel or console - Hang four to 12 inches above, depending on the height of the mantel or console. If the mantel is four feet or taller, then hang four to six inches above. If the artwork (or mirror) is taller than three feet, lean it on the Fireplace Mantel or console for a casual effect.

3. In a hallway, on a landing or on a blank wall - The artwork/photo should be 66 inches from the floor.

4. On a double-height wall, such as in a foyer or loft. Move the artwork/pictures up three to four inches in order to take advantage of the extra height and proportions of the space.

5. Up a stairwell - Follow the same rule as for hanging art on a blank wall, except measure 66 inches up from every third step, forming a diagonal line that the center of the artwork/photo will follow.

Surrounding Of Walls

Apart from arranging the picture, artwork or paintings on the wall few facts are important to be taken care of, like length and height of the wall, the color of the wall, is it a formal or informal space, surroundings of the wall, furniture design, and so forth.

1. Pay attention to the total shape of the wall. Big walls need big interest, either with one large piece, or a grouping, to create big impact.

2. Tall walls, add height, long walls, add width. Therefore, arrange “similar looking” art for symmetrical look.

3. Arrange unlike art/photo asymmetrically. Collections of different shapes and sizes can be arranged with great visual interest. The secret is to group them up smartly with each other.

4. Keep spacing close or overlap them for an informal casual feel.

5. Let art inspire room colors. Pull some of those great colors that you love in your art to inspire the room's palette.

6. Mix and match elements! Mirrors and art together can fill a big wall beautifully.

7. A great trick is to leave some breathing space between the arrangements, if you don’t have enough art to fill the scale of the wall.


Picture arranging styles commonly known as grandeur provides the space with a perfect arrangement of pictures and artwork for your spaces. Moreover, one could ornate the framed walls with curtains and draperies to bring in charm to the overall decor. As picture/artwork framing and arranging is not less than any art, it is worth to taste the unique flavor of arrangement to bring in new twist to the interiors of any home!

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