Top Bathroom Cleaning Tips


Cleaning bathroom means cleaning all the areas and things included in a cube shared small room that people use during the whole day. There are tubs and showers used for bathing and sinks and toilet for washing certain parts of body. It is a place that is integral and most active because human use it several times during the day. The cleanliness of a bathroom means that human body is not in danger of catching germs that always exist in dirty place. It is the reason we should pay attention on cleaning each and every part of a bathroom.

How to Wash Sinks?

The use of sinks starts from the early morning when a person goes to the washroom for brushing teeth and washing face. It is the place that fills with dirt and grime and the dirt turns into solid state inviting. It is the reason we should regularly clean the sink. You can use any good detergent or a soft-scrub cleaner for cleaning the sink. These detergents and solutions are very effective in cleaning the sinks properly. You have ensured that the sinks stay clean without using any kind harsh chemicals. Another area of attention is regularly cleaning the sink with the cleaner solution as it gets dirty each day and requires cleaning on a regular basis. You would see that the your cleaning strategies would make the sink shine on a regular basis.

Shower and Tub:

The shower tub can get dirty because of the bath oil and the soap scum and it can make the surface dirtier. It would also make ways of moisture to stay on the place and turn into mold. It is the reason you must clean the shower and tub after two or three days as it would not harden any of the fixed dirt. You can use spray or any famous cleaner for cleaning the tub with the sponge. Scrubbing is also important at a time when the dirt stays on its place for a longer time. You can use any of the small size of brush for removing the buildup. It is very important to rinse the tub after scrubbing and cleaning as it is important to keep the tub dry when there is no need to get in.

Cleaning Fiberglass Showers and Glass door:

There are some of the sensitive surface and materials in the bathroom that require special treatment. You can take a nonabrasive cleaner or baking soda for cleaning the fiberglass showers. You can also clean the glass door with the same strategy. It is important to not to use harsh chemicals on these areas as they can create scratch and reduce the quality of smooth surface. You can use scrubbing pads for keeping the surface in a good state. You can also use lime or vinegar for cleaning these objects. Dry the surface once you have cleaned all the things and continue caring the doors and other areas every week.


Toilet is one of the most important parts of the bathroom that remains in use and it takes a lot of time to clean it. It is important to use liquid toilet cleaner for cleaning the toilet because it is a section where all the germs gather and they cannot go away if you would not use any good quality of cleaning solution. You can first throw the right kind of cleaning solution for cleaning the bathroom stains a then brush up the toilet completely. Rinse it once you have brushed the toilet and then spray a good fume in the bathroom so the place would stay breathable. If your bathroom is dirty and you don’t have enough time or expertise to clean it then you really need Houseproud House Cleaning for cleaning your home’s bathrooms.

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