8 Tips to Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Fountain


An outdoor water fountain can be a great asset to your garden when it is maintained properly. In fact, the fountain can beautify your backyard while adding a soothing element to the atmosphere. An outdoor fountain should be well-maintained compared to an indoor unit. Here are effective tips to maintain your outdoor fountain so that it will last for many decades.  

The Right Installation Spot:

The outdoor fountain should be placed at the right spot in your garden. This is an essential factor to ensure the longevity of the fountain. Keep the fountain away from high traffic areas in your garden. It will help prevent accidents when kids run about in your garden. It should be placed in a location where the fountain is displayed prominently but protected from the high winds.  

The Fountain Should Be Securely Placed:

The fountain can topple over and get damaged by strong winds when not secured properly. The base of the unit should be affixed to the ground and the basin should be secured to the base so that the fountain will be held in place during adverse weather conditions.  

Use A Compatible Cleaning Solution To Clean The Unit:

Fountains are made of stainless steel, copper or concrete. The cleaning solution should be compatible with the material of the fountain. Keep this in mind when cleaning the fountain. You should avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions to clean the outdoor fountain. It helps prolong the lifespan of the unit.  

Get Rid Of Leaves And Other Debris:

Outdoor water fountains are usually contaminated with dead leaves, algae, twigs, and bird droppings. You should pick out these contaminants on a regular basis to maintain the unit. This will prevent the formation of blocks and impediments in the water flow.  

Make Sure To Clean The Water Every Other Day:

Outdoor water fountains are drinking and bathing stations for many birds. Dirty water in the unit will reduce its efficiency and longevity over time. That is why you need to clean and replace the water at least every other day. Regular practice will help prolong the lifespan of the unit according to Soothing Walls.  

Clean The Pump On A Regular Basis:

The pump is one of the most important components of an outdoor fountain. It gets dirty very quickly. You have to clean the pump on a regular basis to prolong the lifespan of the fountain. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the smaller corners of the pump - clean them thoroughly.  

Protect The Water Fountain During The Winter Season:

Protecting the fountain from winter is an important part in prolonging the lifespan of it. It is preferable to dismantle the unit and take it indoors during the winter months. If this isn't practical, empty the fountain of all water and cover it with a tarp during this season.  

Repair Cracks With A Sealant:

You need to inspect the surface of the outdoor water fountain on a regular basis. Look for signs of cracks and damages on the surface. Repair them with an appropriate sealant to prolong the lifespan of the outdoor water fountain in your garden.

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