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Gone are the days, when glass was just used to cover window openings or doors. In today’s world, glass holds a powerful identity than any other designing material. It is one of the most classy and royal choice to pamper the world of interior design. After all, it's available in different variety, thickness, design, texture and most importantly, it's perfectly suitable for any formal or informal uses. This is the reason why these days,"> color = "A00000">architectural firms have started introducing glasses more to their designs.

Know Where The Glasses Can Be Used

Big changes have taken place in the world of design, with the small pieces of glass. It's not only used these days for window dressing, but even being used for the production of any kind of furniture, flooring, wall partition, ceiling design ,civil construction and so on. Therefore, it is considered as one of the most powerful and brilliant element.

Types Of Glasses

Stained glass, glass paintings, with colorful images imprinted on them, are a wonderful companion for any residential designing project. As these glasses, gives a colorful filtration to welcome the morning sun. Etched glass, if used properly for any wall, partition, glass door or window, brings in the best of frosted effects with designing. Also, wood when combined with frosted glass or etched glass design, speaks the language of dignity and status. Even steel, well blended with glass designs brings out the most classy work of design.

History Of Glass

Not only today, since the time of Gothic architecture, we can find the wonderful and colorful use of glass. Most amazing and outstanding glass work examples are the “rose window” of “Gothic Architecture”.
Get inspired from such creative work of period time, and apply them in today’s construction and decor’s. Apart from civil work and architectural design, glass is a more suitable material which can be used in residential designing. Give your bedroom, living area, kitchen, dinning area and so on a touch of glass to bring in a classy look. Flourish your home, with glass flooring, glass ceiling designing collaborated with wood or steel work. Give your furniture or racks the beauty and strength of glass. Apart from home, glass designing in offices is one of the most impressive element. It gives a clean, clear and brilliant looks to the commercial spaces.

Colorful, Vibrant Glasses

Get a glance of outside world using transparent, translucent , reflective glasses, anti-reflective glasses, stained glasses, fiber glasses, patterned glasses, toughened glasses, acid-etched glasses, colored structural glasses, photo-chromic glasses and so on.
All these glasses have their own respective thickness and strength according to their usage. They result in a beautiful outcome of design in the architectural world of beauty, with bold styling. They are used in different sectors of building, like stairs, windows, doors, furniture, ceiling, flooring, walls, semi partitions, etc. Since, now glass is no more considered as a delicate and soft material for constructing of a dream home, office, shops, restaurants or hotels. Therefore, add beauty and charm to your interior design idea’s with different kind of glasses. Not only just glasses, in fact, you can make a successful use of glass bricks partition for creating partitions, floor designing, bathroom designing and most importantly, they are useful for steps design idea’s as well. So, no limitation is there in any kind of glass construction and design. Be comfortable and confident in any kind of glass designing and decor’s. After all, it’s the matter of being bold and beautiful!

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