Preschool, Play-school or Childcare Interior Design Tips

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When a child is born many expectations, hopes, happiness also takes birth. These expectations and hopes start getting fulfilled by the first step of the child, outside his/her home.
As kids play school, preschools are the very first stage, towards a child’s education, learning and hopes. Let's design a beautiful space for these toddlers. And be all set to welcome those little steps to the world of learning, with some bright, vibrant atmosphere.

Play With Colors

While planning a play school or a preschool, adding in bright and soft colors is an essential part of the design. As colors has its own positive and attractive physiological effect, and attracts the kids. It makes their learning process easy and carefree, if colors are embossed in various forms such as wall art, like cartoons, birds, sky, tree wall decals, stars, teddy bear, and so on. They can easily relate themselves with the place they are coming to learn, play and study. Get smart by adding bright and creative ideas for toddlers. Adorn the place with a small little toy section.
Apart from colors, do not forget to place low height table and chairs for the little one’s. The table and chairs can be of different colors or patterns, but make sure to avoid any sharp edged furniture or glass furniture at a place which is a kids oriented and occupied by them for a long time.
For flooring, carpet is a good option, especially during winter, where kids can sit on the carpeted floor, play and have fun in their classes. Let the carpet or rug be colorful or of any particular pattern, which is loved by the kids, such as balloons, colors, pencils, cartoons, and so on.

Hygiene is the Top Priority

Apart from the classroom, you need to take good care of kids bathroom and washroom area. Design the space in a simple way and use non-slippery floor materials. Add grab bars at different places of walls for the kids to hold and stay safe. Keep the sink at a bit lower height, so that it's easy for the child to reach and wash their hands.
If the school is not located on the ground floor or have more than one floor, add proper railings for balcony and staircase for safety. Do not just give the child a stage to learn, provide them a homely atmosphere so that they can feel free to learn, play and study at the same time.

Corridors and Ventilation

The school corridor walls can be decorated with some cartoon characters or stars wall stickers on it. Install small racks, for storage, which can work perfectly in the mudroom to keep their belongings, hang the jackets, and outerwears.

The Light Effects

Apart from all basic requirements and needs, allow natural light to enter into the rooms. Also provide the space with artificial illumination. The classroom should have good air circulation and should be well ventilated. It's not that difficult to design a preschool, kindergarten if one knows the exact requirements. Hence plan smartly and get all set, to create a beautiful space for the innocent ones!

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