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Some lawn maintenance experts have brought some useful tips that convert dull lawns in beautiful and healthier gardens. Maintaining lawn is not a tough task as anyone can do it with simple steps of taking care in a right way. However, you need to accept that time and patience is the two keys that give best results for any task including the healthy lawn.

Adjust the Lawn Soil pH:

Modifying the soil pH is the very necessary initial step. The appropriate pH does not mean the black dirt but is the reliable testing procedure that would ensure whether the current pH is right or not. If you do not want to take this step, then you can spray line for raising pH. Maintaining 6.0-7.2 pH is the ideal pH for any garden.

Do not Feed Shady Areas:

You need to know that the grass covered by the shade and the grass exposed to sunlight have different needs. Over applying fertilizer on the cool grass is not a good step as it would only destroy the grass. You need to water the grass exposed to the sun on a regular basis. Similarly, the grass with shade requires less water than the other one. Control the spreader while spraying water on the grass and follow the same routine each day except in winter season.

Plant Full Grown Trees:

If you have enough space in your garden and you are thinking about planting trees, then it is better to fix a height for all the trees. Buying similar height of trees looks beautiful so be sure to keep trimming the trees so they would not reach to the roof or block the gutters. You can buy a small height of trees that look very cute. Give them enough time to grow and then start trimming them on a regular basis after a gap of one week. If the growth of trees is excellent, then you can cut them twice a week.

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Use Ground Covers for dealing with the Landscaping Issues:

Very few people use this tip because many of us remain unaware about maintaining our house. Covering ground proves very beneficial as it keeps controlling the erosion and weeds. It also softens the features of rock and slopes that add to the beauty of patio placed on the lawn. You can cut the existing vegetation and keep the soil at a good state. You can plant the layers of fertilizer for conserving the moisture and reducing the weed problems.

Use Tailored Products for Protecting your Garden:

The next advice for your lawn is essential. Many people think that they need to buy only one kind of fertilizer for their garden. However, it is not true as different needs require different steps. There would be weed killer fertilizer and grass seed fertilizer that serve different purposes. Other than that there are also various locations that show one product good at one place but not very good on the other. It is the reason you need to take help from the local gardening center for taking more care of the garden with spraying fertilizers.

Clean the Garden on the Regular Basis:

One of the last lawn maintenance tips for people as in a busy world, very few house owners pay attention to the overall home. Any of the particular area remains neglected. It is the reason you have to make sure cleaning the garden on a weekly basis. Special consideration needs maintenance in the fall season where leaves fall more than often, and debris makes the garden very dirty.

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