Repairing Leaks in Flat Residential Roof


Water stains on the house walls might give you the signs that you have ignored, but significant leakages with the flow of water do not matter to ignore. It is important to consider the issue by working on the leaks by yourself or calling an expert for a depth of investigation about the source of leaks and the solution. You might need to repair the roof or install a new roof. The damage tells what should be your next step so be ready for investing on your roof.

1. The first strategy that you have to adopt is waiting for the right time to inspect your house. If you want to check your home in the rainy season, then you would face many difficulties in finding the source of leakage. Therefore, waiting for the season to change is the more useful strategy. If you want to have long-term benefit for the repair, then you must take the services of a specialist.

2. While you would hire the workmen, you have to make sure that the interior of your house is under protection. Place the furniture and carpet on a dry side where the water cannot reach. Then start the project comfortably. You can spread the plastic sheet if the leaks are significant in size. Using buckets on different points is also a good idea.

3. Use a ladder for climbing on the roof and wear shoes that can resist the slipper surface of the wet roof. Take the shovel and remove all the excess water, you can also use shop vac by seeing the degree of the pooling.

4. Distinguishing the source of the problem is another necessary point. Check whether the gutter as any debris buildup that is blocking the flow of water and resulting leaks. Remove the small rocks and stones with the help of a stick or hand. You can use water glove for cleaning the gutter. It would reduce the chances of pooling.

5. If you have seen the dripping pattern of the interior of your house that is the visible evidence of exterior roof, then you have to make immediate repair of the ceiling.

Possible Strategies for Repairing the Roof

Here are some of the strategies that you can adopt for improving your roof o direct basis.

Plastic Roof Cement

All the house owners with single-ply EPDM roof need to put a temporary patch of fabric on the leak. You can also use plastic cement for covering the area for the further leak. It would stop the leak, and you can further call the roofer for next task. You can easily find good roofing contractor for roofing in Taylor Michigan who can give you the best of services of repairing leaks. The next task is scrapping the surface of the roof and losing the debris from the area that is damaged severely. Try to dry the area and then apply cement for covering the leak on a temporary basis. Use mud knife for covering the hole with the glue. Now start covering the hole with fiberglass fabric and then reapply cement on the affected area. Make sure the surface is not wet, and it is easy to work on it. If you cannot handle the situation, then call the expert for help. There are other methods for sealing the holes with roofing sealant and duct tape. You only can use the material to reduce the tendency of more leakage. You also have to make sure that the leak does not extend from its position, so it is better to call the roofer at the right point.

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