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Chandeliers are not just light fixtures, they were generally considered as the "symbol of luxury". Since, chandeliers are available in wide varieties of styles and designs, utilize the same artistically to create an elegant setting.

Also, they are available in various kinds of materials. Hence, If you are planning to get one for your home,
* Choose the chandelier matching your home decor
* Consider the positioning of the chandelier
* Maintain the scale and height

Check out a few of these modern chandeliers here, and see how it would help to enhance the dining room set of your abode.

Vintage Glass chandelier

Enhance your dining room furniture with this beautiful vintage glass chandelier. This is truly a beautiful and highly eye catching chandelier that will show off your individuality!

Traditional chandelier like this with a touch of gold or bronze, compliments the whole dining room pretty well. The gray shade on the artifacts and the chairs gives a symmetrical look to the decor. Also, the artistic glass chandelier along with the mirror frame design give a rich feel in totality!

Traditional Chandelier

Traditional chandelier Murano Floreal type, with leaves and flowers of Venetian glass decorated with gold. This chandelier is the purest tradition of the Venetian fixture. The arms of the chandelier are adorned with pompon flowers Venetian glass. This Murano chandelier is made ​​using the traditional technique of single breath. A chandelier ideal for lovers of craftsmanship Venice!

Drum Chandelier

This drum-shaped contemporary pendant chandelier is one of its kind and is sure to brighten up any room. The exclusive look of this contemporary chandelier makes an interesting addition to this dining room design and adds visual appeal to the space.

The drum shade features beige fabric sides and a milky white acrylic base difuser. The satin nickel finish compliments the contemporary design. A Simple yet a unique piece, that works as a focal point in the decor here.

Modern Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers never goes out of style. For hundreds of years, it has been the material of choice for lighting makers when they want to make a grand impression. The pleasure created by the sparkle of cut crystal is amazing, as it draws peoples attention instantly. Even the blandest design is instantly transformed by the jewel-like flash of crystal.

A perfect contemporary designed chandelier with a slim and sleek look has been added to the dining space close to the open kitchen design here. Also the addition of polished steel along with the crystal, makes an excellent combination and offers a modern appeal.

Metallic Balls Pendant Chandelier

The metallic chandelier also comes under the contemporary design category. Blown like bubble gum into a mold, these mini balls are formed by using a technically advanced process called vacuum metallization. It goes well with the simple theme created.

As chandeliers are meant to bring on the glitter and glam therefore, choose one that suits the overall home decor, furniture and accessorize it in an appropriate manner to create a statement.

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