Bathroom Health and Safety: 7 Things You Should Know


The bathroom is one of the rare places of peace and serenity in the household, especially if you have a family, and a dog, and the kids have just asked for a cat as well. Of all the natural oases in the world, the bathroom should be your tile haven, as it allows for just a few vital moments of silence and peace of mind in the hectic modern environment.

Therefore, you should never allow your safe haven to be disrupted or harmed by the numerous looming perils that might ruin your tranquil bathroom adventures for good. Here are the crucial things you should know about keeping your bathroom a healthy and safe environment.

Safety Measures For Toddlers And Elderly

First, the bathroom can be more hazardous for toddlers and elderly individuals than any other room in the house, due to tile or marble floors and the usual lack of safety fixtures. First, you want to place non-slip mats across the bathroom floor, especially in front of the bathtub or the shower, and also underneath the sink. Secondly, safety fixtures including grab bars and rails around the toilet seat, the sink and the shower are a necessity for elderly people that have trouble moving, as well as small children undergoing bathroom training.

Regulate Water Temperature

The temperature in your water heater should be set to no more than 49°C (120°F) in order to prevent skin burns in both children and adults, particularly in elderly persons unable to gauge the temperature of the water in time. Your monthly budget will benefit as well due to decreased water and energy consumption.

Use Mild Soaps And Shampoos

The personal hygiene industry is riddled with brands of dubious quality and more often than not, soaps and shampoos contain some sort of chemical that could be harmful to your health. Given the fact that daily hygiene has become the norm in the modern world, you don't have to limit your soap or shampoo use, but simply opt for milder options that do not contain any chemicals and are made only of natural or safe ingredients.

Watch Out For Mold

Of all the rooms in the house, the bathroom makes for the most fertile setting for mold, a type of hazardous fungi that could significantly impact your health. A warm shower might feel good, yet the remaining heat and humidity in the room will allow mold to form over time, so it is important to air out your bathroom as much as possible. If mold does set in, make sure you remove it immediately

Inspect Pipes Frequently

Faulty, leaky or clogged pipes can be hazardous in many ways, especially in terms of health and personal safety. You can easily inspect the pipes and drainage yourself by running the water to check if strange noise is coming from inside the walls, if exposed pipes are letting out water, and if the drains will allow the water to travel.

In case you notice damp spots in the walls, or if the drains are clogged, and even if you are unsure of the situation, you shouldn't try to fix the problem yourself as you don't want to work with water and electricity yourself. Instead, look for a trustworthy professional plumber in Northern Beaches who will ensure that the problem is dealt with quickly and easily.

Use Natural Cleaners

Industrial cleaners, although effective, are filled with toxic chemicals that release vapors and can have long-term consequences for your health if they come into contact with your skin. Instead, you should use natural cleaners you can make at home - they are cheap, easy to mix and often work better than some of your favorite brands. So, do your family and the ecosystem a favor, and throw away all industrial cleaners.

Clean the toilet regularly

Finally, there is one household amenity that is home to numerous germs and bacteria above all others - the toilet. The toilet seat and bowl get dirty quite frequently and should be scrubbed clean at least twice a week with a strong natural cleaner able to eliminate all germs and bacteria that could harm your health.
Keep in mind that your body is vulnerable to infections, so try to avoid any contact with a dirty toilet seat.

Bathroom health and safety is imperative for promoting your well being and the well being of your family. Fortunately, you can avoid the common bathroom hazards and protect your personal oasis by following these seven essential tips, ensuring health, safety and serenity!
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