Pros And Cons Of Electric Fireplaces


Are you thinking about adding a fireplace to your home? Well, there are so many options you can explore such as traditional wood burning, ethanol, gas and electric fireplaces. The latter have been around for so many years and have become quite popular in many homes today. The electric fireplace is a projected image of moving flames and works the same way like a huge space heater.

Pros Of Electric Fireplace

Easy To Use

With just a simple flick of a switch, you can operate an electric fireplace very effortlessly. You can add them to your living room in any type of a house whether a condo or a two-story home. Since they don't require the maintenance or hassle of a chimney and firewood, they are perfect for any homeowner.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to other fireplaces, the electric model has the smallest carbon footprint. It is a very environmentally friendly model since it doesn't release any harmful gases or fumes such as carbon dioxide. On the other hand, if there are any members of your family who are asthmatic, they can rest assured that there is no irritation when the electric fireplaces are in place.


The electric fireplace is the cheapest model compared to the rest when it comes to installation and running costs. When you install it you need an outlet and a good place to install it in your living room. Installing a chimney is very expensive and you might have to pay for some expensive renovation to make sure it fits in perfectly. If you’re interested, look at these Amantii fireplaces for the wall.

The Cons Of Electric Fireplaces

Doesn't Work During Power Outages

When power outages happen, heating your home is very important. During the winter season when your power goes out, it's going to be hard to create some additional heat in your home. It is one of the major disadvantages of owning an electric fireplace. With such occasions, having a traditional wood fireplace or any other model comes in handy. That's because you can restock the firewood and keep your home warm during any power outage.


During the winter season, it's so magnificent to cuddle up to a crackling fire with the orange flames bursting out and keeping you warm. Most people don't love electric fireplaces because they appear artificial and fake. For people who strive for realistic fireplaces, gas, ethanol and traditional wood fireplaces are the best options.

Blowing A Fuse

If not installed or used correctly, an electric fireplace would definitely blow out your fuse. That's unlike ethanol or wood fireplaces. Many people place their TV's and other electrical appliances in the same outlet as the electric fireplace. However, it's a terrible idea because if many appliances are plugged in an outlet, it's easy to blow a fuse. It's advisable to create a separate outlet for your fireplace to avoid overworking it. Most people love their electric fireplaces because they are cheap and easy to maintain and guarantee the highest efficiency. When you're looking to install an electric fireplace, you need to consider the pros and cons to find out whether it's the best decision for your home. Use the pros and cons outlined above to make an informed decision.
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