Types of Solar Mounting Systems for Roofs


The mounting system of a room is one of the main and largest areas that require solar system. The mounting system on a roof plays the role of protection for solar panels placed on the ceiling. Following is the detail of different categories of roofing system that is necessary for proper installation.

Mounting System Of Slopped Roof

The solar installation used for residential purposes is called solar mounting system for a sloped roof. The angles used some mounting system in which railed mounting system, rail-less mounting system and shared rail mounting system are very famous.

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Rail Mounting System

There is a need of infiltration and anchoring in the roof for attachment of rafter. It would use penetration for attaching the system too much time decking way. The system used rails for providing support to the solar panels. Each single solar panel is in vertical direction or portrait-style of 2 tracks. There is a bolt in the rail for securing the panels. Installation of flashing also takes place in the hole for making a tight shut.

Rail-Less System

Rail-less system refers to a system where the solar panels do not require attachment with the rails. The direct attachment takes place with the connection of hardware to the screws that lead to the roof. The module frame plays the role of rail in the rail-less system. The number of attachment of railed mounting system and the rail-less mounting system is equal. However, the cost of delivery and manufacturing is less in the rail-less system. You can attach the panels to any direction as there is no preference of following the direction of rigid rails.

Shared-Rail System

Shared-rail system is different from the previous two rail system. Here you can attach two rows of solar panels with four rails. You can take away one track and utilize a common center rail by bunching two rows of solar panels. There is very less requirement of roof penetration in this system by removing one track. The right positioning of the shared rail has positioned the panels in different orientations. The procedures for installation are rapid in shared-rails.

Flat Roof Mounting System

The manufacturing parts you can see on the largely sized rooftops are the applied with the apartment roof mounting system. There is a minor slope of these residential roofs as they are sloped. There are few penetrations required here. The installation procedure is also easy in this system as the panels are on a large roof. The foot is for base assembly for these flat roofs. The system looks like a basket with hardware as tilted design. The bottom side and top sides cover panels, and there are ballast blocks in the central area. The panels are placed determining the right angle of catching more sunlight. The limit of load on the roof shows how much ballast is required. More penetration installation occurs when the workers see that the ceiling is unable to handle the extra weight. Clips are you for attaching the panels with the mounting systems. There could be south or east west positions for placing the panels. These systems do not consist on a single makeup; there are some makeup such as aluminum system and stainless steel system.

Solar Shingles And BIPV

Solar System for Your Home and solar shingles have the aesthetic value that attracts the house owners on a large extent. The building –integrated family, has the part of solar shingles that are with the built-in arrangement. There is no requirement of the mounting system in installing solar shingles, and the shingles are on the roof as its part.

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