Tips For Restoring Blackened Cedar Shake Siding


Restoring a blackened cedar shake siding is not a difficult task, but for this, you should need to get knowledge about the proper things that can work to remove these spots. Here we tell you some tips that help you to restore your blackened cedar shake siding.

Essential Tips For Cedar Shake Siding Blackened

Cleaning The Surface Area

Firstly, you should need to remove the dirt from the surface area of the blackened cedar shake siding. You should need to apply a high-quality cleaner to get the desired result. Using a wood cleaner products are useful for the cedar shake siding as it looks like a wooden siding. You should need to clean the whole area of the siding by the applying the cleaner with the roller or a spray as these methods work well to remove the dirt from the top surface of the cedar shake siding. After using the cleaning agent, leave the surface for about 15 minutes for soaking then do anything other on it.

Removing The Hard Stains

For restoring the blackened cedar shake siding, you should also need to remove the hard stains like tannin from the siding. These tannin stains in natural conditions help to save the tree, but when it is on the cedar shake siding, it affects the siding by darkening the surface of the siding. So, you should need to remove these darkening stains from your cedar shake siding. To remove these stains, you should need to apply the solution of the oxalic acid as a wood brightener to neutralize the tannin. After applying the solution wait for half an hour to dry the surface and then see the result.

Removing The Mildew Particles

It is very easy to deal with particles like mildew. Simply you should need to apply a solution of bleach and a bucket of hot water and mix the solution and use it on the areas where there you see a mildew particles on the cedar shake siding. Then scrub the cedar shake siding with a wire brush, and you can see that the spots having effects of the mildew are removed immediately. This mildew and tannin are the main cause by which the cedar shake siding get dark spots on its surface so if you remove these particles the siding should be neat and clean.

Removing Back Molds

These black mold particles are also a cause of the dark spots on the cedar shake siding, and you can remove these dark spots that are affected by the black mold, but for this, you should need a mixture of the chlorine bleach and water. Apply the solution on the black molds if these dark spots are of the mold then it gets removed otherwise, you can say that these spots are any other thing.

Removing grease stains

Removing the grease stains is not a big deal as you can remove these stains by the mixture of hot water and white vinegar. These grease stains are made from the oil products when it gets dirt on it and after sometimes it becomes dark and looking ugly. From the above, we concluded that you could restore darkened cedar shake siding by applying these above tips. You should need to clean the surface by the high-quality cleaning agent. Also, you should need to apply the bleaching agent to remove the hard stains from the cedar shake siding. Stains like grease and oil also can be removed by simple tips that we discussed above. If sidings of your house are damaged and beyond repair and you want to replace them then you really need to contact professional siding contractors canton Michigan for cost estimation. People who read this also like: Hand Carved Teak Wood Furniture Patio Furniture Ideas

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