Signs You Might Head For A Leaking Roof


A leaking roof is one of the worst problems because of the difficulty to manage. It is also very difficult to see the reason of leakage if the holes are not visible. Missing shingles and other signs of granules filling the drainage system are what you can see easily. However, you would be facing problem in investigating the depth of the problem. You must have to see the issue and then act accordingly for the condition of the roof to stay fine. The following information would enable you to check easily the signs and symptoms that your roof is trying to show you.

Stains On Ceiling

It is really difficult to find the source of leakage. The yellow spots of water on your ceiling are the signs of water that drips straight down or turns for coming downward traveling through lumber in an attic. The damages part seems to be the source of leakage, but it is sometimes not the actual place where you can find the source. The source could be far away hidden in the roof which requires professional skills of detection by a roofing expert. The signs are the call to action that you now have to immediately call the expert for services for reducing the amount of damage occurred on your roof.

Stains On Exterior Walls

You may have seen steel and metal shingles at the above corner of roof getting rust. This is a clear sign that water is damaging not only your shingles but leading to your walls leaving water spots on them. Replacing roofing materials is one of the options that you can do because it is the low-quality material that causes leakage leaving your walls full of stains. Cleaning walls are what you most people do, but it is not the solution to the problem. You need to solve the problem from its start. Cover your roof with replacing material in the rainy season in case you do not want to replace your roof.
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Gutters Filled Through Granules

Gutters washing out the downspouts are one of the signs leading to another message. It is the sign that the shingles have lost their quality and durability and now they need to be replaced. The leakage by these shingles would only be maintained through replacing shingles. You have to check whether the shingles are exposed or not. If the granules are missing, then you have to make immediate measures for securing your entire roof from damage. Replacing the old material with the new one would give you the secure roof that would not convey any damage further to walls or foundation of a house.

Cracking Shingles

Cracked shingles are the obvious sign that leakage on the damages shingles on your roof. If granules are completely torn off, then it would lead to fragile shingles. You must have to replace the cracked shingles with the new one. The process of replacing is very easy, and only some tools with stored shingles can be used to fix the problem. Granules and shingles not only damages with the rain and strong winds, but direct sunlight is also one of the reasons of cracked shingles. Keep your house safe by placing a protective sheet on your roof for keeping shingles more secure from sunlight and rain.

Shingles Are Cupping

Old and damaged shingles cup (the corners start turning up and give a wavy look to shingle). If your roof shingles are in this condition, then you have to see whether your attic is ventilated or not because it can turn to a worse problem if not managed properly. The cupped shingles store the water of rain underside which becomes the reason of leakage. You need to fix this problem by replacing shingles. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then you need to get in touch with professional Roofing contractors for estimation of new Roof cost in Michigan.People who read this also like: Budget Friendly Exterior Home Improvements 10 Upcoming Home Remodeling Trends How To Protect Your Home From The Hazard Siding Contractors In Your Area

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