Pretty Covered Patio


Patio comes in some options which give you the opportunity to choose any design you want. Following are the designs of a pretty covered patio. You can see and select whatever you like for your home. It would help you to take a better decision about your house decor.

Small But Luxurious

The patio can cover a small area all through tech floor space including the features of water and lounge chairs. It also includes decoration with plants and candles which make the backyard of your house very luxurious.

Refreshing Color And Style

The fresh color and style of patio come in avian bowel fire pit and other designs of the landscape. It looks delicious in the house, and you always feel refresh in such an environment. It is one of the natural looking designs that you can have in your house.

Garden Oasis

It is not necessary for a deck to be of immense size. The raised stage surrounded with plants creates a beautiful oasis. You can have tea with you family and friends in this beautiful area.


Infinity is a design of patio which changes in the deck and covers the swimming pool. It is a perfect place for relaxation after a tiring day. You and your family can have a good weekend in this area that means you do not need to go looking for places to relax.

Two-Story Dream

Second story deck is very famous in some regions of the world where the weather remains pleasant. It overlooks the patio designed in the backyard of the house. The whole seen looks very grand and gives you enough appeal to spend more time in the setting.

Sunny Deck

The sunny deck is one of the designs which uses sustainable materials and provide enough space for the family to enjoy the beautiful and refreshing nature. People invite friends and extended family for enjoying the sunbath in this area of a house.

Circle It In

Individuals who like to party with friends and family members would love this look of the patio which gives a barbecue and excellent dining area. It is unique in appearance and does not look very complicated. In result, it gives you a peace of mind cooking in the area and enjoying the food.

Poolside Deck

People who prefer pool in their house always look for some furniture for sitting and lying down on it. Poolside deck is for individuals who want to have comfortable seats before or after swimming.


Year-Around Heaven

The particular design of patio focus on the around side of the fireplace and keeps you lounge in an enjoyable state throughout the whole year. You would appreciate the beautiful appearance of your room with this design.

Two Tone

The darker wood circling of the deck looks amazing when it circles the light area. The two tones are perfect for the house that requires some elegance on its part. It gives a stylish and fresh look to your home.

Nature Calling

Nature calling is the design in patio which is a unique one because of the natural look it gives to your home. All the materials used in building a house can offer it a very formal look but nature is calling would make you a retreat under the natural setting of trees.

A Great Place To Sip Lemonade

The southern-style deck designed for people who want to enjoy soft drinks with family should buy this design as it looks very relaxing. The beautiful deck comes along the pillars and curtains which add to the refreshing look and elegance. If your patio needs a boost and you want to improve it then in that case you really need to get in touch with professional companies for the estimation of new style patio overhang downriver Michigan. Beautiful Garden Pathways Design Ideas

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