Home Design: The Ideal Fusion of Dynamics and Stability


Your living and work space can have a strong influence on people. Because of that phenomenon, Feng Shui is put into consideration more and more when designing homes and offices. With it, you can bring stability, joy, dynamics and positive energy into your space and turn your house into an oasis of peace, happiness and prosperity. The most important thing in Feng Shui is energy and energy flow. Each of the 5 elements (earth, fire, metal, water and air) has desirable qualities that you should include in your home, and you can combine them to create balance and harmony. Here is how to bring both stability and dynamics into your life using Feng Shui.e and happiness.


The element of earth brings stability, support and patience into every space and it is one of the most important elements every home or office should have. A strong element such as earth will help you get away from busy and chaotic way of modern life and it will bring back constancy. The peace that the element of earth introduces is most needed in the bedroom, so decorate it with this in mind. There is a strong bond between the elements of earth and fire, so it is always good to bring them together when decorating.

Stability comes from the ability to feel safe in your own home. So having experienced locksmith from Ryde come in and install an access control system in your house can help you increase the level of safety and at the same time improve the general feel of the home letting the earth elements take charge.

Objects and shapes that represent earth are stones, crystals, soft and earthy colors, natural materials, pottery and images of earth. Of course, the most important is to experiment and ask yourself what represents earth for you.


If you want to bring fire into your life, focus on triangles and pointed shapes, good lighting, warm colors like red, yellow and orange, or even leather or animal prints. All of these represent the warmth, love and passion of fire.

Fusion of elements

To fuse together earth and fire, stability and dynamics, try to combine objects that are usually firm and solid with something that is vibrant and soft. Try to put a spin on shelves, rugs, tables, chairs or sofas. There are interesting dynamic shelves that you can move around and modify to fit you space. They are usually made of wood or some other natural material, but are modern in design and come in vibrant colors. With their unexpected shapes and sizes, they fuse earth and fire, and are both dynamic and stable.

Other great hybrid design pieces are rugs. They are usually square, which is an earth energy shape, and are made of natural materials. To create a dynamic space, get a rug that is patterned with triangles, or has an animal print. Also, experiment with vibrant and warm colors to bring out some fire from this usually earthy décor element.

Explore Feng Shui Ideas

Stable coffee or dining tables can also become dynamic elements. Get a table that is made of natural material, like light wood, and can be easily moved and manipulated around. There are also tables that are shaped unusually or that can be transformed into seating space.

Designers are experimenting with chairs and sofas more and more, and they’ve managed to turn something that long represented stability into something completely dynamic. There are modular furniture concepts, unique color and shape combinations and convertible furniture systems with rotating and adjustable elements. Those furniture pieces combine stability and dynamics in new and inventive ways.

If you want to decorate your living or work space according to Feng Shui, remember to listen to your own body and intuition instead of relying completely on what designers say. Experiment with elements and try to bring them all together to create a harmonious space you will enjoy. Combining dynamic elements like fire and stable elements like earth is just the first step you can make. Have fun, play with home design and benefit from your newly found peace and happiness.

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