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If you like homes that are designed for close family lifestyle, then you'll find that "Swiss Simplicity" brings comfortable family living to near perfection.

By using simple shapes and forms and bringing them together in a unique architectural layout, this modern-meets-traditional home gives in the best in all areas of design.

Elements such as wood, concrete, stone, & steel come together harmoniously to balance the interior pallet as well as the overall architecture.

Located in Seltisberg, Switzerland, this residential home follows the strict Swiss construction guidelines while artistically breaking away from them.

In this film, we speak with the homeowner, Tina, and the architects at Wohlgemuth & Pafumi Architekten, about the design of this home.

With the use of 3D renderings, sketches, & walkthroughs, we learn about the interior layout of this home as well as the incredibly cute lifestyle lived within.

On the second floor there are three rooms, two for the kids and one for the guest.

The kitchen is designed in an ergonomic Italian style with the usage of sleek and straight lines. At the same time, it gels up well with the entire design

On the ground floor is the Master bedroom which consist of textured wall with light wooden textured bed. The focus point of this room is the bathtub and the wooden textured wall behind.

A lots of new elements has been incorporated in this project. More importance has been given in maintaining the simplicity through out the design.

The house has a very simple rectangle form. And the major play is between the two material, the concrete and the wood.

The home design is a perfect blend of modern, traditional and industrial. A home just as the homeowners imagined!

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