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The Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art in Weidingen was founded in 2012 by gallery owners Max-Ulrich Hetzler and Samia Saouma.

The Foundation’s aim is to promote contemporary art and culture, especially through annual summer exhibitions in Weidingen. Artists are invited to live and work on the premises.

Explore the design of Kunst in Weidingen with Anja Axt of Axt Architekten. Explore it's rationalistic style, intended use, and thought process behind it's design.

New to Kunst in Weidingen is the Bibliothek Günther Förg. This building is dedicated to this artist and holds a collection from one of Förg's libraries as well as a few of his most prolific pieces.

The 3 structures created by Axt Architekten all have similar yet different features that make them special in their relationship.

The exhibition hall was the first building that was created in this property. The ideas was taken from the neighbourhood too, so it looks like it has been situated here forever!

The proportion of this building is not normal to usual house. 5 meter heights for the wall has been used here, to make it look much more modern.

During the day time, the light is not the same as the sun is moving around, allowing beautiful shadows to form inside.

Since the project has so much glass, one can see the changing weather inside and see the changing times of the years.

With the open windows, one could even focus on the landscape or the outer garden and when the windows are closed, the focus is only on the art pieces displayed there.

The guest house has been created in a unique way as well. The main entrance is just beside the guest house, little bit hidden. The entrance hall, the kitchen and the closet room is in one place. The layout created gives one the feeling of being outside.

Since the area is surrounded by many trees and plants one does get the required privacy. Also, the layout doesn't make one feel as they are spending time inside the home as it is well connected to the nature.

It is one of the most outstanding projects one could come across and feel the energy of this harmonious place.

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