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Joshua and Natsuko from Chibi Moku has broadcast the ultimate venture from their Europe trip. This venture is a super offbeat apartment suite in Berlin for interior designers Berlin Rodeo.

Creating a pad for a bachelor, have given the designers the opportunity for design that are not available when designing other interiors. In "Penthouse Prenzlaurer Berg" by Berlin Rodeo, this is exactly the case!

Explore the subtle elements of this apartment with Ingo, Axel, (and their dachshund Elliot), as they discuss the one of a kind components and thoughts behind their design.

This apartment goes to show that you can create a funky bachelor pad by pushing the limits of design a little.

There are many one-of-a-kind pieces in this flat, but also some of the latest materials on the market infused with Berlin Rodeo style.

3D wallpaper has been used, it's a surface that deflects the sound in the dining area and so it was decided to construct four walnut frames for these wonderful wallpaper.

From the hallway to the left is the dining room. The dining space consist of an elegant marble table top which is 2.70 x 1.10 in size. Hence, it has been delivered on to the site by a crane.

Combination of geometric shapes and warm tones has been used, they create a place that is perfect for both late evening gathering or summer parties.

The clock has been purchased from the Milan fair. The walnut wall background has been especially designed for the clock. It is definitely the focus point of this apartment.

The artificial fur wallpaper, the artifact with horns along with the rings in different patterns suits the space perfectly.

The terrace was an empty space before. The ideas was to create a terrace to have fun during the summers, a nice way to spend time outside. And being the part of this penthouse apartment, it also increases the space altogether.

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Because, the homeowners like a little pop of color during the night time, the track lighting system has been used which enables to spot out the art works around.

The lighting system is mounted to the ceiling and accepts and powers individual light fixtures, or heads.

The master bedroom has been designed in a simple manner where one could lay on the bed and relax by watching movies. The light colors used enhance the feeling of space, while the darker hues used for soft furnishing, tend to close in and lighten up the walls!

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