How To Cut A Roof Opening For A Skylight


People mostly like the houses which are brighter with the daylight and are ventilated well. If you also like to do the same to your house and brighten it with the sunlight, you can do it with a little effort. You can do it by cutting the roof from the area you want to illuminate with the sunlight. After cutting the required are you can install skylight through which the sun rays can pass easily and brighten the house with sunlight.

Opening roof for a skylight is now very trendy and cool way to make your house look beautiful and of the new style. The skylight installation makes the house look good from outside as well as inside. The light coming inside the house make the house look brighter and bigger. So, by installing skylight you can improve the looks of your house. Due to skylight installation, the house will look new and better than before.

Method To Cut Roof Opening For Skylight

You can cut the roof opening for skylight installation easily by following the method explained below.

Remove Shingles From The Roof

For cutting the roof for the installation of a skylight, first, you need to remove the shingles. You can do this by removing the nails that have attached the shingles with the roof. Be sure to remove the shingles from the area you have measured for cutting. For cutting the roof you need to break the seal. Try to remove shingle without cutting them and do it from the top to downwards. In this way, you can remove the enough shingles from the roof.

Mark The Area Of The Roof For Cutting

After removing the shingles you need to mark the area of the roof for cutting. After marking the area for cutting you can cut the ceiling using a drill and saw. This tool will help to cut the marked ceiling from the roof. In this way, you can remove the enough roof ceiling for the installation of a skylight. Now add the frame for skylight on the open area. Use nails and adhesives to attach the frame for skylight properly. Screw the nails tightly to ensure the fitting of frame installed for the skylight.

Seal For Skylight

When you have done the cutting of roof you need to seal that area. All you need for sealing is brace and roofing cement. Place the brace between the rafters using the wood screws. After placing the rafter, cover the edges with roofing cement to provide it a good sealing. Flat the roofing cement some scales or any other tool. In this way, you can fix the sealing for the skylight.

Give Support To Skylight

Make a support for skylight after the sealing process. You need to prepare a support for skylight before installing it because it may be damaged if you don’t give it support. You can give support to skylight by attaching the guide to it. After that, you can safely install the skylight on the roof of the house.

Place The Skylight

Place the skylight on the roof and fix it by applying a thick layer of roofing sealant on its flanges. Apply the thick layer of roofing sealant on all flanges to join them with roof and sealing them properly.

Re-Install Shingles On The Roof

When the installation of the skylight is done, re-install the shingles on the roof. Start applying shingles from bottom to the top of the roof and complete the process. So, this is the best way to install a skylight. If by any chance your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Trenton Michigan for a professional advice.

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