7 Rustic Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Being skilled with your hands can make you as great of a carpenter as an interior decorator. If modern home design doesn’t suit your taste, it’s up to you to create something that does. Sticking to décor that comes right out of a box will evaporate the whole soul from a room. If you want to get back to nature and keep things classy, it’s easy enough to craft a warm and welcoming rustic bedroom.

1. Use Some Oak Around Your Bed
Forget about padded headboards and plush ottomans. Surround your bed with some good oak. It’s easy enough to create your own headboard, and oak is exactly the kind of wood you want to get the job done. Pair a solid oak headboard with a matching bench for the end of the bed to cultivate a complete look.

2. Homestyle Quilts
Nothing says “home” quite like a quilt does. It’s easy enough to make a quilt, and the right quilt can really tie a whole room together. You can make quilts from fabric scraps, or even incorporate old textiles that have a sentimental meaning to you. Quilting is a time honored tradition in many southern families. If you can’t quilt, you can always commission a relative or a close friend to make you something special.

3. Never Enough Windows
If you’ve finally found a home with the perfect view on Gumtree, it would be a real shame to let that view go to waste. If you don’t want to add windows to the room, make sure your window treatments are letting enough light in. Stick with sheer curtains and blinds that can easily be opened.

4. Woven Décor
Weave anything and everything you can weave. This works with baskets just as well as it works with rugs. Woven items always appear handmade. They’re durable when woven correctly, and they add a personalized ambiance to the room. If you have some willow lying around, get to work on some decorative baskets. Who wants smooth surfaces and sharp corners when you can appreciate the beauty of something made with love?

5. Put in a Fireplace
Fireplaces keep your room nice and toasty on a frigid night. It’s great to sit by the fire and read, or work on a passion project. Fireplaces have the added benefit of helping you burn up wood you can’t use while simultaneously reducing utility costs. In the old days, nobody had central heat. Using a fireplace will make your rustic bedroom feel authentic.

6. Build Your Shelves and Tables
Though it almost goes without saying, you can’t beat the aesthetic impression of bookshelves and tables that you’ve built yourself. To add to the rustic feel, choose wood with small flaws. This wood will give each piece a little bit of character – especially if you don’t intend to paint over it. You’ll also have maximum control over the way these pieces are customized, allowing you to size them appropriately for your bedroom.

7. Panel an Accent Wall
Affixing some thin planks to the wall is the ultimate rustic touch. If you’re feeling bold enough, there’s no reason you can’t panel the whole room. Choose planks of different lengths and even different hues to add interest to the area, allowing it to serve as a decorative focal point.

Nothing is more rewarding than laying your head down to rest at night on a bed you’ve built yourself, in a room you’ve designed on your own. A bedroom is a sacred space, and it’s hard to top an aura of rustic warmth to help you lull off to sleep.
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