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Reading, one of humans best and oldest way to connect them with the world. We all need a space called library, just to be our self, introspect, ponder upon the thoughts, enjoy the plots, written in fiction or philosophical books.
To achieve this we need a quite and peaceful environment. As a homemaker and a decorator, I think of ideas to create such a space in the house.

The Placement

First and foremost, we need a quite and bright corner in the house. Once we have identified that space, we need to arrange a bookshelf. Bookshelf, built-in closet, cabinets, or study units, come in many shapes and styles, choose one which suits the given space. Most importantly, these units should be in the end corner of the room. As you enter into the room, it should be visible from the entrance.

The Library As Focal Point

That said, it is the focal point of your study room, means no scope for clutter. To make it look clutter free, you may add few decorative pieces, knickknacks, some of photos, souvenirs collected over the period of time.

This study room can also be used as home office. Very important fact about the home office is, it should be free from any noise in the house. If this room is in a dark corner of the house, arrange to add enough lightings for the day time reading. Add nice lamps, with bright bulbs, ceiling lights and so on.

Add Unique Shapes To The Space - Tree Of Thoughts

Perfect way to place your books arranged artistically and easy to reach. You get many designs of cabinets in the market, one here is custom made by a designer, can hold books and knickknacks and can be mounted on the wall, which can save you floor space.
You may also share your ideas or images of your own library or study room. Happy reading!

Add Props To The Space

1. Homes with large spaces, have several ways to enhance the space. If you have a big home and want to make a very big and elaborative library, then you can go with this idea. The cabinets for books here are made from floor to ceiling on the whole wall. The wooden book shelves, along with the elegant sofa and carpet gives the space a royal feel and creates a perfect traditional library impact.

2. Even a small library area can be given a grand look by the addition of a piano as a prop, parked at an angle.

Therefore, whether you own a small home or large home, homeowners can set up a library with ease by following these tips.

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