LED TV Panels designs for living room and bedrooms


Use of wall unit for TV panel with lights added in the background and some green grass in the room definitely gives the feeling of outdoor in this living room. Our designers have done the exceptional job in this design. While adding LED panel we have to keep in mind the living room designs and install it accordingly.

Large study unit combined with TV table. Use of wall paper and glass shelves add the depth to the bedroom.

Stand alone TV panel , with mirror and shelf for decorative pieces. Use of splash light in the back of wooden panel is apt for bedroom, without glaring on your face.

Storage unit with over-head shelf hung with spot-lights and the wall decorated with designer wall paper.
Overhead storage for small rooms

Simple yet elegant white TV Panel, with contrast wall paper on the background.

This living room gives the dramatic look by adding the wooden ceiling panel and poles next to the TV Unit.

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Chic white wall panel for mounted LED TV, with contiguous computer table with over-head storage cabinet.

Imagine creating a partition wall for dual purpose in the bedroom one side is dressing table and the other side is TV Unit. Indeed very creative and best and smart use of space.

Well, this Red and white room adds real theater effect in your own bedroom. See more of Red wall interiors ideas.

Beautiful Orange panel with brick wall

White and Beige with mirrors
Designed by - Spain Interior Designer Mariano Neila

Sleek and clean style of Led TV panel.

Audio and TV on the wall a wonderful space saver idea.
Designed by - Hyderabad Interior Designers
Apse Design

Glamorous Living room with LED TV on gold wooden panel
Designed by - Pune Interior Designer
Sogno Casa Interiors

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