6 Ways to Improve Your Patio That Will Entice Potential Home-Buyers


When you’re trying to sell your home, your outdoor space can make a big impression on a potential buyer. Whilst you won’t want to spend lots of money on home improvements just before you move, there are some simple and inexpensive ways you can enhance your patio to make the entire picture look more appealing and enticing

Clean Up Stones

Over time your patio stones are likely to have experienced a fair bit of weathering. Dirt and moss are the main culprits for making your patio look old and tired. There are various ways to clean your stones but by far the most effective is a pressure washer. Buy, borrow or rent the equipment and see your stones come up sparkling.

Declutter and Tidy

We can sometimes end up blind to the clutter and mess we’ve grown used to. Look at your garden with critical eyes and work to sweep, tidy and declutter your space. If you have garden storage, make full use of it and, if not, consider investing in something that will help you keep things neat. There are garden storage facilities available for even the smallest of gardens.

A Touch of Colorful Paint

The garden gate, an old stone wall or your garden furniture can all breathe fresh air into your garden if they’re given a lick of paint. Paint small areas in bold colors or go for a muted, pastel palette across the whole of the space. If you have wooden garden furniture, you may also want to apply a stain protector. This brings out the natural color of the wood and reduces the appearance of weathering.

Make It Comfortable

Even if your old outdoor furniture is looking a little tired, you can make some inexpensive improvements by buying new cushions to go on seats. You could even just bring a few cushions from inside the house and place them in the garden for viewings. That way potential buyers get a sense of a colourful and comfortable place in which to sit.

Add Thrift Shop Finds

The interesting trinkets you find at flea markets and thrift shops can make great garden accessories. An old fireplace, an ornate mirror or even metal bird cages can all add charm and character to your outside space. And thrift shops are a great place to find unique garden containers too. If your patio looks a little bare, this is a great way to introduce some interest.

Potted Plants

Potted plants and herbs bring fantastic colors and aromas to your patio. If you’re not the most green-fingered of gardeners, go to your local gardening center and ask for advice. They’ll be able to tell you which plants are likely to be in flower and at their best around the time of your house viewings and which varieties are the easiest to care for. Getting your patio in order for home viewings is a great idea. You may also want to do things a little earlier so your home is looking its best for the property estimation too. With your home looking good inside and out, finding a buyer is sure to be a breeze.

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