Stone Vinyl Siding


You might have seen a stone facade laid on the vinyl siding which gives an appearance of a stone. It is stone vinyl siding that looks very similar to the actual stone siding. The reason people choose and install stone vinyl siding is that it saves a lot of money of the house owner. The saving can increase more than 300-400% of your investment on other siding options.

Cost of Stone Vinyl Siding:

Stone Vinyl siding is expensive than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is available in the market at a normal price because it is highly used for the renovation of the house. However, as the stone vinyl siding is used for enhancing the appearance of the house so it is more expensive than other siding types. The comparison of vinyl siding with $88 for per square and stone vinyl siding for $350-400 shows that the difference is a huge difference.

Installing Stone Vinyl Siding:

Builder contractor feels it much easy to work with stone vinyl siding because of convenience in installing it in the house. The stone siding takes much more hard work in installation and also cost a lot of money. Therefore, people prefer to buy stone vinyl siding while renovating their house. Many people concern about the look of stone vinyl siding. The stone vinyl siding gives a realistic stone look because of the formulation of polyurethane that is used in its making. It gives a very real synthetic look of stone which you would appreciate after buying it. Stone vinyl siding is used for many different parts of a building. Whether you want to decorate interior wall covering of your home or want to install it in metal building facades, you would find it perfect. It is suitable for exterior accents and deck skirting. It can be applied on dry flat substrate anywhere inside or outside of a building.

Colors and Size of Panels:

The start of vinyl siding in the market introduced white in two profiles. Further the range of color increase with the advancement of technology of coloring stone vinyl siding and now you can find multiple of colors of stone vinyl siding on the market. Following are the color and size options that most of the manufacturers provide to their customers. Stone vinyl siding can be available in tri buff, tri-grey, tri-Sedona, lava gray, desert buff, and new England mocha colors with 48” x 15 1/2” x 1 ½ panel size. Dry stack stone vinyl siding is available in Durango red, Kentucky gray, and western taupe color with 48” x 4” x 1 ½ sized panels. Ledge stone panels are available in Durango red, western taupe, Kentucky gray, Santa Fe Adobe, and Carolina Cocoa colors with 48” x 4” x 1 ½” sized panels.


Despite the changes made for producing vinyl siding of different colors; it does not ensure whether the siding would last for a longer time. Therefore, you must remember your vinyl siding does not come with a lifetime warranty. You have to repair it anytime in the life once it lost its condition. Modern stone vinyl siding products are now available in the market with the best value which means that you can trust the product easily. One thing you must see is the comparison of the cost of different stone vinyl siding so by the time you go to the manufacturer, you can easily see which cost and products suit your budget. Installation of stone vinyl should be done by workers as you want a complete cultural stone image in your house. If it is your first experience then consulting a good company would benefit you more as many companies provide additional services for new customers. If your vinyl sidings are damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Siding contractors in grosse ile Michigan for a professional advice.

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