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Whether you are building or renovating a space, storage is one of the most important element, that increases the value of the design. These days much importance are paid into the designing of wardrobes, storage and T.V units. In order to create a clutter free look, the designs are tailored to ones individual style and storage needs.
1. These kind of design suits a room with maximum space. And in such instances, the dressing unit can be considered as the focal point too. The simple yet classy contemporary themed dressing unit manages to bring in the elegant look. The frame of the mirror and the shelves adjacent gives the design a rhythm.

2. Here the wardrobe closet combined with dressing unit is installed. It demonstrates the proper use of the whole unit, that too by joining two different utility furniture's smartly. Such designs are good for corner spaces, that falls adjacent to the door. Wastage of space will be less and moreover blockages can be avoided in the room.

3. The stylish T.V unit with a mix of grizzly and brown goes well with the whole interior theme. The design here shows the proper blend of practicality and aestheticism. Abundant storage space both closed and open ones are added to the design. The backlit panel with indirect lighting for the T.V just enhances the expression.

4. This simple storage unit is simply apt for the lobby area. The white plane colored storage with grooves instead of handles goes well with the textured stone wall design. The width of 1' is maintained here, as the utilitarian purpose of this storage is totally different comparing to that of wardrobes.

5. This design portrays the mix and match of varieties of storage units. Different sizes and height are brought into the design. The glass shelves can be utilized for the display of any accessories as per ones requirement. The wooden textured design in bits just enhances the aesthetic value of the space. Moreover, using of white or light colors brings in a feel of openness and suites a small sized room.

6. The walk-in closet is something that one actually wishes for. And all shopoholics will love this idea of possessing a separate space. Anyone can relate to this whole concept, but what matters is the availability of this much space. This simple looking space can be converted into your luxury fashion collections. It's a well defined combination of the space where fashion and design meets!

7. The closet with over-head storage and light beige unit adjacent gels well with the colorful wallpaper and the whole space. Joining two units together brings in space to the interiors. Minimum width has been provided with the unit to avoid the blocking of passage near the bed. The color combination used here has livened up the whole place.
Voila you are on your way to get started to create a clutter free organized home

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Love the second pic..smart use of two units which can be used for both study or dressing table.
 Manisha Arora  |    Oct. 2, 2013, 6:33 p.m.

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