Clever Ways to Secure Your Window


The window can have problems like break-in because wild animals roam around the yard and also tend to come inside the home. Protecting home is a daunting task and it cannot be achieved if one would not make careful measures. Therefore, it is very important that we secure our windows from all those dangers created by animals, earthquake or any other reason. Outside and inside security of window shows that we have to make separate arrangements for securing our window.

Outside Arrangements

Grease it up

You might have watched in funny Hollywood movies in which homeowner perform funny activities such as greasing their window for securing themselves. This devious tip also can be very useful for anyone even for you who is in search of maintaining security. You can use either grease spray or any kind of paint with greasing qualities for prohibiting the robbers from climbing up the window. It will make the way slippery and the robber will find it impossible to get into the house through the window. Following the tip, might seems funny but the results are actually very good.

Pointed and thorny Plants

A fence can be used effectively for protecting your windows as the animals would find difficulty in entering through that way. Large iron bars can also be used as a solution to your problem. A large bush with thorns would frighten the criminals and you would be safe from potential danger in the form of robbery. Adopt a cost-effective way beneath and outside of your window would give you good results.

Side Window Reflection

Robbers are always in search of valuable things in the house. What if your window reflects your expensive possessions that can easily catch attention of the robbers, it is a clear sign that you are not concerned about your safety. If you have a small house where you cannot place things inside then you can spray the window with roll-on spray which would enable the outsider to only see his own reflection in the window. The idea is useful if you want to use it for a long run and want to save your money from other expensive procedures.

Inside Arrangements

Trigger Alarms

Another useful technology that has been introduced in recent years is trigger alarms that came with a very high pitch of piercing sound. The alarms would make you alert at the moment someone will touch your window for opening it. The scary alarm would also alert the unwelcome guest to stay away with his bad intentions.


Large thorny houseplants can also solve your problem as placing these plants in front of the window from inside of the house would build a protection shield within the home. None of the attackers would be glad to see the large thorny plants and it is impossible for them to place it on a side. The large sized plants take much space because of their large pots which are not everyone’s strength to move. While on one hand outside thorny plants can be removed, inside plants cannot be moved. The robbers will change their plans and you will be secure the whole day and night.

Alternative Window Lock

There is a lot of trend in the market of smart locks. Technology and modern world has introduced several ways in which you can protect your home without much effort. If you want to ruin the advantage of all those who see your house with a bad intention of robbing or listening to the secrets then you can use second window lock. These locks are hidden out of approach of a third person who is not a family member. Locks with the password also provide confusion for the third person and he/she will consider it wiser not to make noise playing with the window. If your Windows damage is beyond repair or you couldn’t decide which windows security solutions are best for your home then in that case you really need to contact reliable Replacement windows Michigan companies for a professional advice.

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