Survival Guide - Unpacking And Setting Up The Home After The Move


The process of moving out and moving in is definitely a daunting process. So half the battle is already over, if one has successfully moved into a new home! Since the process of systematic unpacking has a lot to do with the packing process devised by before moving out itself, here are a few tips for homeowners on how to get the home set perfectly without being lost among all those boxes and feel devastated.

To start with, it is important to plan the moving in time and the room that one would prefer to set first. The timing plays an important role here, especially when the family have small children within. It is recommended to move in during the morning hours since it will provide homeowners ample of time to set up the prioritized room as well as get the electrical fixtures installed.

The Kids Zone First!

Once, the room has been decided for the kids, right away start with the cleaning process of the room. When the room is all set for the placement of furniture, start with the major furniture placement. For instance, the kids bed, crib, wardrobe. Make sure to ask the movers to reassemble all furniture in the kids room first. Marking the boxes during the packing process would help one to know easily what each boxes consists of. Which in return saves a lot of time!

Once the furniture is set in the room, unbox the rest of the accessories to complete the kids room. Which includes bed comforters, bed sheets, curtains, clothes, toys and so on. Instead of dumping the box of accessories and fabrics right in the room, organize it at the same time. For instance, organize the wardrobe with clothes, set the bed for kids, place the toys, books on the shelves.

Time To Electrify

The second most important zone is the electrical work. Do ask the electrician to be available on the day of moving in and get the electrical fixtures installed on the same day. The process of moving in during the daytime also provides one with natural light, which is definitely an added advantage to ease out the process. Ones the light fixtures are installed, get the other electrical equipments installed as it helps one to control the cords and organize rest of the electrical wires to avoid any big tangled mess.

Set The Bathroom

Focus first on the kids room and then the bathroom. Getting the electrical fixtures installed in these area first would bring much relief to the homeowners. Make sure to pack toiletries, towels and other necessities for the bathroom separately as one will need them in order to shower and sleep!

Additionally make sure to place all the extra bath towels and other bathroom accessories right away in the designated place in the bathroom instead of storing those in carton boxes during the initial days. Also buy free standing storage closet beforehand, if the home doesn’t have wall shelves to avoid last moment dumping of accessories.

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Organize The Kitchen

The kitchen holds the third position during the unpacking process since, one could easily get food from out during these hectic process of unpacking is being carried off. Also, kitchen should not be left unattended till the end, since half of the boxes would consist of accessories meant for the kitchen! So the more faster one starts organizing the kitchen, the more box will get emptied in no time!

Make sure to unpack the most essential kitchen accessories first, such as the plates, pots, pans, dish towels. Also unpacking the dinnerware, coffee mugs, plates or cereal bowls and placing it in the designated area would not only empty the boxes in no time, but also give the kitchen a well organized look.

It is also recommended to pack the dish washing soap, sponges and cleaning spray all in one box to avoid running around searching for the same, after shifting into the new place. Additionally it is very important to place all cleaning supplies that are potentially poisonous for pets and children away, in a separate box to avoid any accidents.

Time To Setup The Living, Dining And Bedrooms

The final step would be set the bedrooms, living and dining area of the home. Since these areas covers the bigger furniture’s such as the bed, wardrobe, sofa sets, dining sets and so on, assembling these furnitures and placing it first as per requirement will give these rooms an organized look instantly. Once, the major furniture pieces is been set, focus on the accessories. If this process is carried out in a systematic way, homeowners can avoid the foyer area to turn out into a dumping ground.

It is advised to get enough hooks installed and self standing storage closets to avoid piling of shoes, hats, jackets etc. Definitely a perfect solution to give the home an organized look as well as keep things off the floor! If you need help and live in Ventura County reach out to movers in Ventura county for your next moving help.
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