Bedroom Design Ideas for 2018

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Thinking of redesigning and decorating your bedroom? 2017 is full of fantastic ideas from classic elegance to modern designs. So, if you want to create a new look in your bedroom, take these top design ideas on board.

This room is designed by Dupuis Design, San Clemente, CA. Image courtesy of Chibi Moku

Selecting the Color For Your Bedroom

The year offers plenty of ideas when it comes to the colors you can use in the bedroom. You have many harmonious combinations, but also plenty of refreshing shades – perfect options for the summer season.

Black is used in a number of bedrooms in 2017. The color is perfect for dramatic effect. You can paint one wall black, while keeping other walls white. Black is also a great color for furniture. The great thing about the basic color is also the way it offers options for the accent colors. If you want something refreshing, then opt for black and yellow combination – yellow curtains, pillows, and bedding will look nice. A single yellow chair or a bookshelf in a black and white room will also look quirky.

This room is designed by The Fechtel Company, Villa Pavia, Tampa, FL. Image courtesy of Chibi Moku

If you want a more dramatic and classic look, go with red. Red and black bedrooms are popular, elegant and oh-so mysterious! Again, red can be used as the accent or you could focus on painting the walls with a deep burgundy and then adding black as the accent color.

Open & Reflective Designs

A big part of the year’s bedroom designs is openness. You want to keep your bedroom as open as possible, limiting the amount of furniture you use to minimum. In addition, when it comes to things like shelves and wardrobes, open models are now in vogue. Open wardrobe can be especially beautiful and help you celebrate your beautiful clothing better.

This room is designed by Litner Remodel, Sherman Oaks, CA. Image courtesy of Chibi Moku

Natural Furniture & Accent Pieces

Just like the year’s decorating color is green, natural elements are a big thing in décor altogether. In bedrooms, this means using wooden furniture and natural fabrics such as velvet and silk. You want to create luscious solutions with a relaxing design – combining soft rugs on top of wooden plank floor, for example.

Natural also doesn’t mean you can’t use more modern solutions. Indeed, metallic furniture and décor are hugely popular in bedrooms this year. Simple metallic chairs and side tables offer the perfect addition to a chunky wooden bed and wardrobe, for example. Brass continues to be popular but you should also consider copper furniture and decorations.

This room is designed by TJones Clayton Construction, Walt Disney Golden Oak Builders, Orlando, FL. Image courtesy of Chibi Moku

Soft sunshine lighting

In 2017, light is becoming a key part of design. If you want to create the perfect bedroom, then you must pay attention to your lights. You want to use natural light as much as you possibly can – don’t hide away the morning sunshine with chunky curtains, but opt for sheer fabrics. You also want to add enough lighting solutions to the room, especially in a way that allows you to control the kind of light you are getting. Smart lamps and bulbs from brands like Hive are great for decorating as they allow you to change the feel of the room with a click of a button.

The main focus should be on a yellow hue – you definitely want to add warm lampshades and bulbs that help create an almost sunshine-like lighting in the room. You should also focus on decorating with the help of candles. LED candles or real candles are perfect for adding beautiful accessories to the room and ensuring you have an inviting and warm lighting.

This room is designed by Pasquale Design, Mediterranean Modern Luxe, Tampa, FL. Image courtesy of Chibi Moku

Executing bedroom design ideas on a budget

The above ideas offer plenty of options for all sorts of budgets. You can go for the full redesign and splash out money on new furniture and finishing touches. You could also save money by focusing on little details – you can transform your bedroom into something different by just changing the furnishings, for example.

In terms of the most important elements in a bedroom, your focus should be on the bed. While you can find bed frames in all budgets, you should invest in a good mattress to guarantee a good night’s sleep. If you haven’t changed your mattress in the last eight years, then head down to and use saving codes to treat yourself to a mattress update.

The above trends are perfect for 2017 – you have something for everyone. There are classic designs and modern looks, but also options for budget friendly changes and the more lavish decorations. Now you just need to pick your favorite design ideas and start creating your dream bedroom.

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