Do Light Colored Shingles Last Longer?


If you compared light shingles with the dark shingles then this may be problematic because there is no serious difference between them. Yes, we just say that it has some benefits like it helps us to maintain a cooler atmosphere in our home attic in hot summer season while the dark shingles may not keep the cooler atmosphere as it absorbs the heat and keeps the atmosphere warm.

Comparing With The Dark Shingles

Both of the light and dark shingles have the same age as there is no more difference between them. There is a huge range of the size, color, and designs of the shingles and you can buy the color scheme which you like the most. Light shingles have another advantage that you can also reduce your electricity bills of air conditioning as it helps you to keep your attic cool. This is because the light color shingles reflect the heat of sunlight and therefore, it does not become hot from the sunlight rays. Most of the contractors also suggest us that making the attic of your home with proper ventilation is better than the light colored shingles as the main benefit or purpose of the light colored shingles is to make the cooler attic in hot summer season. But you can install the light colored shingles if you were personally like the light color sequence. If you are a little bit confused about the color scheme for your roof shingles then you can take a quick drive around the area of your house and see the combination of the shingles of your neighborhood houses then decide what you will like the most.

Long Lasting Shingles

If you are comparing the light colored shingles with the dark colored shingles and you wants to know about which one last long and is more durable than other. Then this talk does not value because there is no difference between them about the life of the shingles. However, it depends on the maintenance and the age of the shingles. If you take care of your shingles and maintain them well at the right time then it may last long and gives you the better result than you expected from it. You can also buy some more efficient shingles with the advanced technology of energy efficiency. These newly made shingles have a huge demand and people take more interest in these efficient shingles. They also have better look than before and are more durable. If you are interested in long lasting shingles then you will need to buy these newly and aesthetic shingles which also has the capacity to retains usual in all weather conditions. From the above, we concluded that there is no difference between the light colored shingles and dark colored shingles as the research says that both of them are equal. But you can say that the light colored shingles benefited us by keeping the temperature cool in the attic in hot summer season. You will also choose the light-colored shingles if you personally like the light colored combination for your house. If you can’t decide between the light colored shingles or dark colored shingles then you may need to contact professional Roofing Ann Arbor companies in Michigan for a professional advice.
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