Characteristics of Red Cedar Log Siding


The selection of siding for house depicts the character of the home. People move from one house to other or renovate their houses for a change in the living style. Wood-a-like and synthetic panels are very famous now a day in the market but wood siding is as famous as other forms. The beauty of nature in wood siding is the utmost quality that buyers appreciate. Nature lovers do not compromise on quality and therefore they choose the best wood for siding.

Options in Wood Siding:

Horizontal lap siding is available in various options of a bevel, channel patterns, tongue, and groove. Other options of wood siding are shingles, boards, lumber siding, and shakes.

Handcrafting siding:

Handcrafting siding is another option that people consider for home. It is available in milled and handcrafted profile which looks very beautiful in a home. It brings a natural décor in the home and reduces the need for artificial décor materials. It comes in 4”x12” with coverage of more than 10. The two species that are usually used for siding are Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir.

Red cedar log sidings:

Red cedar log siding is considered as the standing product of construction market of commercial and residential houses and buildings. It is commonly used in commercial projects for constructing rustic backdrop for base camp and open-air products. Resisting decay makes it highly suitable for exterior use.

Characteristics of Red Cedar lumber Siding:

Red Cedar is very light in weight so it is easy to install as siding. It is decay resistance and has superior dimension stability. It is a most excellent insulator for softwood spaces because of its longer lengths. There is not only an element of appearance but also the strength that makes it very distinctive among other siding options. Lap siding is mostly milled from each other. A Clear grade of red cedar is used for knot free materials. It allows insignificant blemishes which make it perfect wood. Knotty options are also used as it has very tight knots.

Easy Installation:

The installation process of lumber siding requires screws as nails can crack the wood. It is also necessary to use certain techniques for installing screws such as back screwing from the inside of the wall makes the siding stay flatter. Otherwise, it could twist and ruin your setting. Heaving finish can also be used on the siding for holding it flat which would keep it less flat. 2x6 and 2x8 are the common size of lumber siding with a slight curve.

Ture-half log siding is a kind of siding where the log has been cut in half giving a great look of a true cabin. However, it is the more challenging task to install this kind of siding as lots of screws are required for installing heavier half logs. False log and log corners are also available in the market with butt and a pass stack which gives a complete look of the cabin in commercial buildings.

Benefits by Manufacturing Companies:

A number of manufacturing companies offer the services in an excellent way with a pride of ownership. Best quality red cedar siding increases the value and marketability of homes. It also improves R-value and weathering. Low cost of log siding makes it popular among people and this is the reason people do not face any difficulty in changing the image of their house through renovation. It only required a limited maintenance keeping the house owner stay out of worries. Red Cedar log siding is easy to install. A person can do it by himself or hire few workers is also the effective approach of installation siding. If you can’t decide between different types of sidings types then you need to contact professional Siding contractors Ann Arbor in Michigan for a professional advice.

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