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While going through the procedure of the house care maintenance and renovation, most of the people often ignore windows. However this behavior must be changed as the windows are very important part of the house and if proper and timely maintenance of the windows is not done then you may have to pay heavy expanses on their replacement projects. Therefore it is very important to pay attention towards the maintenance and proper care of the windows so that they may not get damaged. If you follow certain tips for care and maintenance of the windows, then you will be able to keep them in good condition and their life can also be increased. There are many factors which can affect the well-being of windows like fluctuations in temperature, wind, rain, dust and debris. All these factors can directly affect the windows and can be a cause of their damage. In order to minimize the extent of wear and tear of the windows, it is important to pay attention towards the following steps.

Proper cleaning of windows:

If you clean the windows regularly and thoroughly, you can prevent the accumulation of dust on the panes and frames. Cleaning of the wooden windows with a damp cloth will help out in removing the dirt and dust from the windows. It should be kept in mind not to use too much water because it can lead to rotting of the wood.

In case of the windows with vinyl and Aluminum framing, you can use the mild detergent and a brush for scrubbing the windows softly. Do not use the brush with hard bristles as it can leave scratched on the panes. Furthermore applying the glass cleaner will help in sparkling the windows. Regular cleaning and scrubbing of the windows will help in removing the dirt and it will not clog the window.

Regular checking and inspection of the windows:

It is imperative to completely inspect the windows in every season. There are various problems in every season which can badly affect the windows and their well-being if not addressed to properly and timely. Therefore it is better to check the windows and inspect them completely on periodic basis so that any issue may be noted down and attended to in time.

Important points to check out in every season are the frames and panes. In case of frames and sashes of windows, you should check out the signs of rotting. You can use a metal probe for this. This will help you in checking for any infiltration of moisture. In addition to this there may appear brittleness of the frame due to prolonged exposure to sun. This can be indicated by regular checking of the windows.

Sealing of the gaps in window frames and sashes:

If there are any gaps in the windows frame then it can lead to the leaking of air and hence there will be a loss of warmth and energy from the indoors. This can be the cause of your spending a lot on energy efficiency. That is why it is important to replace the rubber seals which are worn out and the window will be more secure as well as leak proof.

Painting of the wooden windows:

It is very important to paint the wooden frames of the window after every 3 to 4 years. This will help in protecting the window frames from rotting and the appearance of the windows will also be maintained. You should keep one thing in mind that always paint the window surface after thorough cleaning.

If the above mentioned points are followed correctly then you have no problems of windows and their maintenance in future. Moreover the life of windows will also be enhanced. If your windows are damaged and beyond repair then you may need Replacement windows grosse ile Michigan.

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