Selecting The Right Flooring For Your Home


The decor and feel of your home can really have an impact on your daily life and on your mood. The flooring might not be something that you think about a lot but it can really influence the entire look and ambiance of a room. Choosing the right flooring is important and you need to consider your budget, your lifestyle and how much traffic will go through a room. The following tips will help you choose the perfect flooring whether you want to renovate a room or need to choose flooring for a home that you are constructing.

Your Lifestyle

It is crucial to choose the right flooring for your lifestyle. If you have young children and a couple of pets, choosing a lush carpet made from a soft material is not a good option. Resilient flooring such as wood flooring, ceramic tiles or vinyl is a good choice if you expect a lot of traffic. Carpeting or wood flooring covered in area rugs can be a good option if you expect minimal traffic and want to create a soft and relaxed atmosphere. There are a lot of other materials to consider and you should ask yourself which ones are adapted to your lifestyle and to the ambiance you want to create.

The Location

A foyer or an entry should have a flooring that stands out but it is also important to choose resilient materials for these areas that will be used a lot. According to Conklin Brothers Dublin, if you live in an area with snow or rain, you need to choose durable flooring that will be easy to clean. Slate, wood or tile can be good choices. Add some entry mats to prevent moisture from getting on your flooring and to make cleaning easier. Look for materials that won't be damaged by water for a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Laminate wood and hardwood flooring are not good choices for rooms where moisture might be present since the water will cause warping.

Your Budget

Flooring can be expensive. Flooring is priced per square foot, which means that flooring will end up being more expensive for a larger room. The quality of the flooring you choose will also have an impact on the price. Synthetic carpet will be more affordable than high-quality Berber carpet. A carpet that is plusher and more durable will typically cost more. Check the pad under the carpet when comparing quality. A good pad will make the carpet more comfortable and will also increase the durability. You will usually have to pay more for marble, slate and ceramic than for carpet. However, tile doesn't need to be replaced unless it cracks and does not require much maintenance. It is likely that laminate and wood flooring will become more affordable in the future with new products becoming available. Check out Conklin Brothers Dublin.

Eco-Friendly Flooring

You can purchase eco-friendly flooring if you want to reduce your environmental footprint. Recycled glass tiles, cork flooring or bamboo wood can be good options. Cork flooring absorbs sounds but is not ideal if you wear shoes inside. If you have an industrial loft, consider exposed concrete or a stained concrete flooring.

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