Different types of Bird Aviaries


Although the trend of building aviaries and maintaining them is very rare, yet the aviaries look very adorable and beautiful. Basically an aviary is an enclosure which is very huge and it is meant for keeping birds. Different species of birds can be confined in an aviary and an aviary can be consisting of the area as large as in meters to sometimes in kilometers. Although it is not difficult to make an aviary but maintaining is quite a job and one has to be very careful while maintaining and keeping aviaries.

The difference between an aviary and a cage is that it allows a larger space for the movement of birds and they can even fly and move from one place to the other as well. It is due to this feature that the aviaries are also known as the flight cages of birds and at the same time you can keep more than one species of birds in the aviary. Also plants and shrubs are also made an important part of the aviaries where the birds can make their nests for laying eggs and spending nights. In short the aviaries can also be called as the maintained safaris of the birds. The presence of plants further compliments the environment and it gives them a natural surroundings.

Types of aviaries:-

Depending upon the size the types of aviaries differ. There are different manufacturers of aviaries who can also guide you regarding the maintaining and keeping of the aviaries. Col Western Bird Aviaries is a company which specifies in making and maintaining the aviaries. Some important kinds of the aviaries are as follows:

Public aviaries:

As the name indicates the public aviaries are found ore on the public places and public recreational areas like zoos, parks and zoological gardens. There are many prominent zoos in the world where large and prominent aviaries are found like the London Zoo, San Diego Zoo, National Zoo or Washington D.C and so on. In addition to these platforms there are many other aviary centers where only birds are kept and a special attention is paid to the keeping and rearing of the birds and continuation of their generations. For example there is a bird park in Singapore named as the Jurong Bird Park and the National Aviary of the United States of America in Pittsburgh. This is the largest aviary which is not set in a zoo and is maintained independently. There are some aquatic aviaries as well like in the Newport Oregon and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The first ever aviary was established back in 1880 in a zoological garden in the Rotterdam Zoo.

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Backyard Aviaries:

These are popular as the people who have fancy birds and also have enough space for aviaries in their homes make them. There are a lot of breeders of birds who make aviaries and also keep and breed a lot of species of birds. There are many species of birds which can live with other species and therefore these can also be kept in the aviaries at the same time. However there are some species of birds which cannot be kept in the same aviary and they require a special isolated atmosphere. Therefore either these birds are kept in a separate aviary or isolated part of a general large aviary. All it depends on the space enough for making and maintaining the aviary.

Normally the backyard aviaries are maintained in two categories. One is the suspended aviary and the other one is the grounded aviary. Grounded aviaries are considered more because of their safety.

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