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Social Network Site For Interior Design Anyone can tell you that Spaceio has turned into a wonderful social network. Lately, many people are using it as a source for inspiration when it comes to interior design and renovation. You have the ability to find incredible pictures from architects, designers, homeowners and bloggers from all over the globe. Before you know it, you will find yourself surfing the network for hours. The key to viewing some of the most inspirational and juiciest pictures is knowing all of the right hashtags to search for. These are the top 15 favorites when it comes to design-centric hashtags that you will love on SpaceIO.


This was started by a designer, blogger and really cool chick by the name of Justina Blakeney. This is a hashtag that features spaces all over the world that are boho-inspired. You will find a number of stunning vintage pieces, African indigos, bamboo, rattan and succulents. If you have a love for everything bohemian, eclectic and more, you will have plenty to dive into with this option.


This is a nice hashtag when you want to look for inspiration for the everyday home. The styles will vary a great deal here, but you will see plenty in the form of exterior, interior and decorating ideas from homeowners of all backgrounds. Searching through this feed will help to bring you some unexpected treasures, as there is a little bit of everything.


Just like #housetour, this is an option that will give you a glimpse of what may be going on in other people's homes right now. This is a great source for inspiration when you want to switch up or restyle your space without having to do all kinds of work. You will find detail shots, amazing decor and unbeatable vintage finds. #FINDITSTYLEIT


This is a fun option all about people being able to showcase exactly how they style their space using specialty pieces that they have found while thrifting. With the vintage vibe, the spaces tend to have a worldly or eclectic feel. When you love shopping vintage, but you sometimes get stumped on how you can incorporate the finds into your space, looking through the feed on this hashtag will give you plenty of ideas.



This is a hashtag that is fun, sassy and pure! The pictures include a healthy dose of pink, but if you love color in general, you will fall in love with this feed. Pink may not be the easiest color to incorporate into every space, however there are a number of interior and exterior shots of different spaces showing you how you can easily bring pink into the mix. #SMALLSPACESQUAD


As a fairly new hastag, this feed works to show off the best when it comes to small space living. If you have a space that is under 1,000 square feet, this is the place to go for plenty of storage hacks, inspiration and debunking of small space myths. Example, you can paint a smaller room using a darker color! #HOMERENOVATION


When you want to tackle a renovation at home, this is a hashtag that is a must. You will see different kinds of renovations throughout various stages. Reading the captions and comments, you will find out even more information. You can get plenty of tips and lessons just by scrolling through the feed.



Are you kitchen obsessed? If so, you should block off some time in your day to start ogling this hashtag. You will find kitchen showstoppers in homes that are located all over the world. There is also plenty of inspiration for anyone who wants to give their kitchen a much needed facelift and wants to have ideas or tips on the latest materials and appliances. Some of these have gotten a lot of likes and love #INTERIORDESIGN


While this hashtag is a general one, you will find some over the top gems that come from unique spaces. This is a great hashtag to browse if you want to find inspiration where you least expect it, as well as some luxe designs. #MODERNHOME


Are you a modern home lover? If so, this is the hashtag for you. While you scroll through, you will see a number of incredible spaces. This is a feed that includes both exterior and interior shots, including infinity pools, glass staircases and hidden kitchens.



If you lean towards the country chic, farmhouse, rustic feel, you will love all of the inspiration that comes with this hashtag. From garden inspiration and vintage textiles to repurposed flea finds and antique furniture, you cannot go wrong. #OLDHOUSELOVE


All historic home lovers need to check out this hashtag. If you have an older home and are in need of inspiration and ideas for historic renovation, this is the perfect hashtag with all of the information you are looking for.

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