How To Fix Leaky Sidings


Sometimes you can see the ugly stains showing up on the sidings either on the exterior or interior of your home. These stains definitely look very ugly and sometimes it becomes impossible for the home owners to make these disappear. Sometimes the signs appear in the form of discoloration or warping of the paint on the walls or sidings. Sometimes water trickles in so deep that the stains go much far away showing the access of water to the areas to where it has gone. In these cases you can locate from the stain where the seepage is coming from and what is its actual source. The real problem of leaky siding appears when you do not pay attention to the breaches in your roof and the flaws that have been left in your plumbing system.

If you have diagnosed the actual problem behind the leaky sidings, then you have to first fix the problem and then go for the repair and cleaning of the leaky sidings and stains. Unless and until the real issue is not addressed, it is almost impossible to completely cure the problem and the sidings can be damaged more. After that you have to address to the siding. Depending upon the kind of siding you have, vinyl or wood, you will have to adopt the specific method in order to solve the problem. Following are some tips for quick and long term repairing of the leaky sidings.

Repairing Of The Siding Made From Wood

First of all examine the structure of your home from the outside in detail and mark all those points where there are any leaky sidings. You will have to look for the areas where there are spots or stains of the leakage. Even if the stains are not detected on both sides of the wall you can also diagnose the problem by means of other symptoms of leaky sidings like loosening or cracking of wood. If the wood is cracked up to about half an inch, it can be repaired. If the crack is of larger size then you have to change whole segment. After determining the repairing of the area of siding, you first have to prepare it to get it cleaned. Remove all the debris and dirt from the wood panel and apply caulk to the exterior in order to fill the crack. If the crack if too large and caulk cannot repair it then you have to go for the wood filler for this area. After filling the crack, let it dry and then sand out the excess product with the help of sandpaper.

Repairing The Leaky Sidings Made From Vinyl

Vinyl sidings are the most common types of sidings nowadays installed on the windows and doors. These sidings are also sensitive with regard to the occurrence of the moisture problems. It is normally believed that installing the vinyl sidings is better as compared to other kinds of sidings but it is not in real especially when it comes to the moisture problems. In order to check for the moisture problem with vinyl sidings, look for the capping off on the siding. If only a trim piece is capped off, it can be glued back again. In case of further damage you can also use the tri polymer caulking material. This caulking is much more flexible and is considered the best for the repairing of vinyl sidings. You can also heck for the improper installation of the siding because in these cases the sidings also get damaged. In case of any improper attachment of the sidings, there is an appearance of the J shaped channels in the sidings. If you happened to live in Ann Arbor and your roof Sidings are damaged and beyond repair then you may need to consult Roofing and Siding contractors in Ann Arbor Michigan for professional advice.
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