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Gone are the days when kitchen was considered only as a room for cooking. The appellation says it all. So what is a modular concept? Well, modular kitchens is all about pre manufactured modules. It's designed as per the space and size available. The main motto of this concept is to make the room look clutter free, that is well planned for efficient space utilization and manages to look modern and chic at the same time!

Check out a few ideas on how you can arrange the utensils, even if your kitchen is small size with modern modular kitchen cabinets designs and ideas.

Pull Outs

Pullouts are basically provided in the lower cabinets and on counter tops that are at eye level instead of the upper cabinets. Get the pullout installed on the wall near the cooking range, as this will make it easy for the cook to find out exactly what they need! And by getting it installed in lower cabinets, one can create a separate zone for bowls, pans, and pots.

Also, as it may be difficult to clean the interior of the cabinet, it's advised to dry out the utensils properly before placing it inside the cabinets. In this way, one can save themselves from cleaning the mess later and even increase the life span of the material used!


Getting hooks installed on the upper cabinets is another easy way to store the pans and pots that comes into use on a daily basis. Even they are cheap compared to getting a whole unit fixed. The extra space available in such cabinets can be used for spoons, small bowls and so on. A must add on in the kitchen, as everyone prefers to get things out easily without much of scattering, that too while cooking! Check out more ideas of Steel Pan Hangers here.

Crockery Drawer

There used to be a trend of building up crockery units. But it's not possible for those having smaller spaces. These kind of drawers comes in use then. Separate sections are provided for plates, bowls and saucers. Get such drawers installed, as per requirement for an organized look.

Fixed Stand

Provide your lower cabinet with such fixtures. By using this you don't have to take out all the utensils just to get one! Moreover the concept is all about arranging the space to give it a clean clutter free look. If you can't afford the whole modular concept, you need not worry. Even these small fixtures can work as wonders. I would suggest you all not to go with today's trend, just get your space designed as per your necessity.

Note: Dry out the utensils properly before placing it in the cabinets. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the space on a regular basis. By following these simple steps both the hygiene and durability can be taken care of.

A Few Kitchen Organizer - Two Tier Cookware Organizer

As the width of this organizer is slightly less than that of those standard sized ones, it can be installed with ease in customized cabinets.

Double Pull Out Baskets

Want to include a small bar unit within the kitchen? Here is how you can set it up with just a simple addition in the lower cabinet. All you need is to arrange the kitchen counter top along with bar stools, to complete the look.

Organized Pan Hanger

These simple, budget friendly add ons, can convert any cluttered kitchen space into a well organized space instantly. The best part of installing hooks is that, it makes the inner cabinet space accessible and makes the cleaning process an easy one!

Try out these ways to arrange the pan and pot in your kitchen, to create a perfect modular kitchen.

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